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Candidate Tips

10 Steps to Avoid Looking Desperate During a Job Interview: Part 1

In a saturated job market, where one position can attract numerous qualified candidates, a job search can sometimes seem like a thankless task. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I was made redundant from a great job at a brewery in 2005.  It then took me over 6 months to get back into full-time employment and […]

0 Shares / Jan 23, 2015
Friday Funnies

10 Types of Horrible Bosses

Ever worked for a horrible boss? A real monster who you took an instant dislike to and treated you with contempt?

We’ve broken down the 10 most likely types of horrible bosses you’re ever likely to come across. Sit back and laugh!

162 Shares / Jan 19, 2015
Attracting Staff

4 Major Errors People Make When Writing a Job Advert

Your job advert is the gateway to finding that magical person who could truly make a substantial difference to your business.

However, it may not surprise you just how easy it is to get it wrong. Here we present the 4 biggest mistakes people make when creating their ads and how you can avoid them.

26 Shares / Jan 15, 2015
Friday Funnies

20 Worst Excuses for Throwing a Sickie

Olympic fever gripped the nation in 2012 and at the time, a YouGov poll of 2,000 employees, a staggering 1 in 5 of those asked said that they planned to throw a sickie to watch the games. Sickies are the scourge of businesses, especially SMEs.  In 2008, the average absence cost businesses an average of £692 per employee, with […]

12 Shares / Jan 11, 2015
Staff Retention

Dealing with staff that cause you problems: 10 Top Tips: Pt 1

Unfortunately, as you know, not all staff can be motivated and one of the biggest challenges you will face when managing people is dealing with staff that cause you problems. You’ve ensured the working environment is as good as you can make it and you’ve trained and coached your staff so they can perform their […]

1 Shares / Jan 9, 2015
Candidate Tips

10 Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies

Ever wondered why you don’t get a call for that job you saw advertised with the recruitment agency…even though your career history makes you a perfect fit for the role? Take a look at our 10 top tips on how to get noticed by recruitment agencies and the pitfalls to avoid! 1. Timing, timing, timing. […]

0 Shares / Jan 3, 2015
Staff Retention

10 of the Best Employee Incentive Programs: Part 1

In this age of austerity and with a slowing economy, retaining your best staff is vital. Sourcing, interviewing, hiring and training replacements will be a drain on your time, not to mention the company’s money. So, apart from ensuring that your staff have a clear vision as to where their careers are heading with the […]

0 Shares / Dec 28, 2014

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