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5 Office Designs to Attract Millennial Candidates in 2019

Having awesome office designs isn’t just a perfect way to keep current employees happy and performing well, it’s also a top means of attracting new candidates too.

In particular a millennial office design.

While it may just sound like a fancier way of describing your next workplace DIY project, there’s actually quite a distinct difference every employer should take note of.

To introduce a millennial office design is to put an emphasis on the employee – in particular millennials.

In other words, you don’t just add some colour to the walls and buy some new furniture because it looks more professional. A millennial office design is all about making changes to improve the well being and happiness of your employees.

As a generation, millennials are attracted to a healthy lifestyle and look to work for a company that promotes this kind of working.

It’s very common knowledge these days that certain working environments can impact the way we work and put off candidates altogether. That’s why it’s vital that you take these top tips on board, roll up your sleeves and make some fun changes to your office.

If you don’t, you might just miss out on some of the best millennial talents within your industry.

Start with the flooring

One element a lot of businesses forget to address when they think about their office designs is the very ground people walk on.

Think of it this way, what does a candidate do when they first step through the door or while they wait to be called in for their interview? They will, at some point, look down at the floor.

You’ll be surprised how much a tired old carpet can impact someone’s first impression of your business.

Not only does a carpet trap allergens, dirt and dust, but it looks old-fashioned too.

Luxury vinyl tiles or solid wood are cheaper than actual hardwood flooring and look just as sleek.

Bring the outside inside

Green living and being at one with nature is instilled in the millennial generation’s bones.

Not only should you design a fun and sociable outside area, but it’s essential that you do the same inside as well.

Filling the office with beautiful indoor plants and having large windows can really help create the effect that your staff are working outside.

It encourages clarity of mind and stops people from feeling like they’re cooped up all day. Using a calming green colour scheme can help heighten this positive effect too.

Improve your technology

According to Oktra’s Design Director, Nic Pryke; “The irony is a large proportion of millennials will have better technology at home than what they are provided within their workplace”.

You need to invest in technology that streamlines processes and promote communication in an accessible way, such as apps or live chat platforms. Smartwatches are a viable option too.

Showcasing this forward-thinking approach will demonstrate to a candidate that your company is evolving, growing and willing to improve.

In turn, presenting employees with new challenges and technology will enable them to feel valued in the long-run – which is great news for cutting staff turnover rates.

Update furniture

An ordinary office chair simply won’t suffice anymore. Nowadays, millennials like to see a company who think about their posture and wellbeing.

High-quality chairs with top lumbar support is a good start. Or if you want to think outside of the box, standing desks or fitness balls are fun alternatives.

Sitting down in one position all day is bad for you, so, you could always create various hot desks that include these elements. This will enable employees to pick and choose when they want to mix their working environment up.

Treadmill desks are also becoming more popular as well, with employees having the option to get their daily fitness in as they work.  

Think office space

Using plants and funky furniture is one thing, but if you aren’t flexible in your office design, things will soon start to look cluttered.

Millennials are a generation that loves to communicate and like to remain flexible in how they work. If you don’t opt for the right office plan, potential millennial candidates will feel like they’ll be trapped within a role.

As an employer, you must always strive to develop a space that promotes innovation. An open plan office facilitates this by giving employees a chance to engage with their colleagues and move around at will.

Communal and break out areas are cool environments to stimulate creativity and bounce ideas off each other.

So, if you’re serious about tapping into a millennial’s love for communicating, focus on introducing an open office space that promotes nurturing.

Final thoughts

Opting for millennial office designs doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, in an ideal world it would be great to splash out like Google’s HQ.

But making small but subtle changes to the flooring, furniture and layout is more than enough to attract new candidates.

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