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11 Important Interview Tips You Should Always Keep in Mind [Infographic]

No one really ‘likes’ interviews…

They’re out of our comfort zone, nerve-racking and often just a little bit awkward – (ever said something and immediately thought WHYYYYY?!)

And that’s why it’s so important to be prepared.

Not to worry, this week I’ve created this infographic to help you with that…


Ready for Interviews?

You’re probably thinking “these 11 interview tips are common sense…” but you’d be amazed by how many candidates fail to see them as important considerations.

Bogged down with question preparation and the prospect of the interview itself, small things like body language and etiquette get lost in the commotion!

So before every interview, it is worth just taking a glance over this list to remind yourself of the things you should really be thinking about.

Recruiter Pro Tip

If you take one thing from this infographic, it should be to “be yourself” in interviews.

Employers want to hire real, genuine people and you’d be surprised how obvious it is when we meet fakers, fibbers and liars.

Be proud of who you are. Would you want to work with a company who didn’t accept the ‘real you’ anyway?

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Want more Advice?

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Good luck interviewing – hope our advice helped!

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