5 Industries That Are Hiring Millennials Like Crazy [Guest Blog]

5 Industries That Are Hiring Millennials Like Crazy [Guest Blog]

5 Industries That Are Hiring Millennials Like Crazy [Guest Blog]

Millennials are defined as the generation born between 1981 and 1997, give or take a few years.

Also known as generation Y, most of them are now in their late twenties and early thirties, which means that they make up a large percentage of the workforce.

Due to this, many fields have rebranded to attract fresh-faced and innovative workers from their midst.

Millennial Industries

If you were to ask the predecessors, they’d most likely guess that most generation Y young adults are now working with computers, and not much else.

While this is somewhat true, the full reality might surprise you.

Here are the top five fields that reoriented their attention towards the millennial workforce.

1. Technology

Millennials are the first truly digital generation.

Thus, it comes as no wonder that the children of the Internet are the leading demographic in the industry of technology and software.

People born until 1997 are far more likely to be skilled in IT and programming languages. Thus, they are the top employees in most of the tech sectors on the job market.

The attractive salary package and impressive perks that come with the occupation are also something that draws them in. After all, true income security is rare nowadays.

And for those who are less accustomed to the IT or programming aspect of the field, there are also retail jobs available in the gaming industry, as well as the sector of electronics and so on.

2. Healthcare

Even though gen X and baby boomers consider millennials lazy and mercurial, many nineties babies are all about that financial security and stable occupation.

For this reason, more and more of them are seeking employment in traditionally profitable fields such as that of healthcare. Thus, a new wave of medical students, assistants, and nurses is being born.

In fact, 38% of physician assistants are millennials, and the same percentage is true for paramedics and other emergency medical technicians.

The former has a median salary of over 100,000 dollars per year, which is more than enough to motivate young and ambitious members of the workforce looking to build a stable future for themselves.

3. Financial

Another traditional business sector that is currently flourishing with millennials is the financial one.

Around 37% of the world’s marketing specialists and market research analysts, while 41% of financial analysts belong to gen Y.

The same can be said about statisticians, which currently hold the largest percentage of millennials in their midst, namely a whopping 45%.

What is more, most of them are job switchers.

This isn’t a coincidence or a trend, but rather the result of an innovative and well thought out advertising and rebranding campaign pursued by many major companies that deal with finances and other related fields.

Therefore, it is understandable that 43% of millennials in the UK stay just two years in one place of work on average.

4. Engineering

It’s no secret that engineering used to be the turf of baby boomers.

However, with more of them retiring by the minute, plenty of opportunities are now opening for millennials to enroll in this demanding, yet financially rewarding field.

As the structures they’ve built age and decay, high request for a new workforce to modernize infrastructure is created.

The domain of civil engineering is expected to grow by 20% in the near future.

It is one of the best fields to work in nowadays, which is why millennials are flocking towards it more than ever before.

Thus, the future looks promising for young people joining the industry.

5. Services

When considering that millennials are some of the most ambitious and highly educated young individuals yet, it might surprise some older generations that many of them gravitate towards the service industry.

In reality, 42% of bartenders belong to this age group, which is the second most popular profession after statisticians among generation Y members.

Working in restaurants, pubs, bars, or clubs has gained a negative reputation over the years due to the bias of baby boomers and gen X adults.

Nevertheless, it is a very lucrative occupation with accommodating hours and a fun work environment.

For this reason, many young people enjoy it, especially when it comes to sustaining themselves financially through school.

According to a recent labor market survey conducted in the United Kingdom, millennials are 25% more likely to work part time jobs or have zero-hours contracts that allow them to tailor their schedule.

This penchant for freedom and flexibility is what draws many people in their twenties towards the service industry.

Final Thoughts

As expected, the vast majority of millennials are gravitating towards the tech industry.

However, traditional places of employment in healthcare, finances, and engineering are also of interest to them.

And, surprisingly enough, young people nowadays have made the service industry flourish as well.

Interesting insight, thanks Scott!

If you’re a Millennial looking for work, then these might be the types of sectors for you to consider.

After all, there’s quite a variety to choose from!

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