5 Smashing Interview Answers To Show A Recruiter That You’re Committed

5 Smashing Interview Answers To Show A Recruiter That You’re Committed

Candidates that drop out of a recruitment process part-way through are the bane of a recruiter’s life.

These are the people who go through the entire process, and may even get offered the job only to back out at the last minute (often because of a counter-offer from a current employer).

It’s so annoying and common, in fact, that many recruiters (including ourselves) have started asking targeted commitment questions, to find out whether someone is actually really serious about the role.

Or whether they’re likely to flake further down the line…

So here we go, here are some of the questions (courtesy of our friends at The Interview Academy) that you might get asked to test how bothered you really are about getting the role (at that specific company).

Commitment Question 1

“So, what aspects of the role do you think you’ll like? And which will you dislike?”

Ok, this is kind of a cruel question from the interviewer.

But what they essentially want to know is whether you’re walking away from the interview excited about the job prospect or impartial.

So make sure your answer is positive and passionate.

Example Interview Answer:

“Well, I love the social aspect of my job so I’m really looking forward to getting to know and building relationships with customers and helping them with anything that might crop up. I don’t particularly love filling in paperwork, but I do so much at the moment, it’s become somewhat second-nature.”

Don’t outwardly say you hate doing something, you’ll look fussy.

And definitely don’t say you dislike doing anything that’s integral to the role (obviously).

Commitment Question 2:

“If we offer you the job, how long do you think you’ll stay here?”

Now, obviously, they don’t want to hire someone who’s going to show up, get trained and then waltz off to another company.

So whatever you do, don’t give away that you’re treating this as a temporary position.

Example Interview Answer:

“I’m looking settle down for the long haul so I’ll be sticking around and unless circumstances change, I’d like to think your company is the place to do it.”

Notice how I’m not just saying “forever” because this is unrealistic.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might think of leaving a company – your interviewer will know and understand that.

Commitment Question 3:

“So why do you think this job would be different/better than your current job?”

When you’ve answered “why are you leaving your current workplace?” the company might follow up with a probing question like the one above – especially if it’s pretty much the same role.

Remember; be positive and be believable.

Example Interview Answer:

“Well, I’m hoping to join a more creative team who are always looking for new opportunities and ideas and having looked at your website, social media and now having met some of the team, I feel like your company is the right place for me.”

You really don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot with this one.

For example, if you say the reason you’re joining a company is because they have opportunities for progression and they actually don’t have any opportunities for progression, then they may think twice about hiring you.

Commitment Question 4:

“What did you like about your last job?”

Firstly, don’t say “everything” and secondly don’t say “nothing.”

The former will cause your employer to beg the question “so why leave then?” and the latter will just make you seem negative and like a bit of a trouble-maker.

Example Interview Answer:

“I loved the rest of my team. We all got on really well and there was a lovely atmosphere.”

Pick one good thing that could be transferrable to the new company.

Choosing a “great team” is quite a nice one because most people don’t like to think of themselves as a bad person.

Commitment Question 5:

“What did you like or dislike about our website?”

Asking a more specific question like the one above or something like:

  • “With our ethos in mind, tell me why you think you’d be a good cultural fit for our business.”
  • “Tell me about something you’ve read in the news that would affect my business?”
  • “Do you know who our competitors are?”

…will give your interviewer more of an idea about how prepared (and therefore passionate) you are.

So make sure you’ve done your research (see our Bonus eBook for more tips on this).

Example Interview Answer:

“I really liked the way you come across in a friendly, yet professional way. The branding is very modern and clean and the information you offer is also really helpful. The only thing I would consider is using a pop up on the blog, to capture more leads.”

Don’t be overly negative about anything – even if you did dislike something on their website – you just don’t know how they’re likely to react to your criticism.

(Some people react better than others.)


Recruiters want to know that you’re super excited and passionate about their role – and their company.

They don’t want to risk getting rejected or hiring someone who won’t stick around.

Recruiter Pro Tip

It’s also important to consider your body language in interviews.

You want to appear excited and passionate, not bored and disinterested.

Check out this Body Language blog post to find out more.

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Good luck!

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