CV Writing Checklist: 11 Steps to a Brilliant CV

Did you know that it takes recruiters (on average) just six seconds to make a decision about your CV?

So you really don’t have much time to make a good impression and urge them to read on!

Check out this week’s infographic for some tips on how to do just that.

And how to use the rest of your CV to persuade them that you’re the best person for the job!

3 CV Writing Checklist- 11 Steps to a Brilliant CV Infographic


It is really important that you make your CV easy-to-read, compelling and well-structured.

You not only want to convince potential employers that you’d be great for that job – but also that you can (and are willing to make the effort to) create a great CV too.

Remember these key points…

1. Keep things structured and organised.
2. Include all relevant experiences and skills.
3. Sell yourself.
4. Show off your great personality.
5. Don’t waffle on too much.
6. And don’t use the clichés.

Feel free to print off a copy of your checklist – so you can use it in all future job searches.

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