6 Growth Industries That You Should Consider Working for in 2015

6 Growth Industries That You Should Consider Working for in 2015

As the UK is steadily released from the grips of the recession and the job market genuinely begins to look optimistic, 2015 is set to be full of opportunities for jobseekers.

The country’s economic output promises that there will be an employment surge that leaves employers competing to find high calibre job candidates whilst the country faces a real skills-shortage (salaries will rise as a result of this) so if you’re considering a change of career, now is the time to act.

Some industries are expected to flourish more than others and Barclays Bank recently published a report with all of the stats you need to make an informed choice, including the 6 up and coming growth industries of 2015.

Of course, some of the examples below will require special skills, experience and expertise, so it’s important to really consider your options before deciding to jump ship.

Here are the highlights:

1. Convenience Food

Expected increase in 2015: 30%

This is a pretty broad category, covering everything from your local McDonald’s to the (ever so slightly depressing) microwave meal for one.

Our increasingly busy lifestyles have caused the convenience food industry to skyrocket and the British public will spend an almost

inconceivable £49 billion on it in 2015 (have you ever been guilty of grabbing a quick micro-meal on your way home, so you don’t have to face the hassle of cooking from scratch?)

That, inevitably, means there will be jobs in production, marketing, distribution and every other part of the supply chain. So, even if you are a particularly healthy eater, if you’re looking for a secure job in an industry that’s booming (and that doesn’t look close to slowing down any time soon)  the convenience food industry could be for you.

2. Creative Industries

Expected increase in 2015: 10%

One of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, the creative industry is another broad category, covering everything from video production and corporate websites to make-up artists and musical performers and was brought a record breaking £76.9bn to the economy in 2013.

Although the industry as a whole certainly doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon, it is important to do your research if you’re considering breaking into a creative role, as certain areas, like publishing, museums and print magazines have seen a fall in job opportunities.

3. Construction

Expected increase in 2015: 4.8%

The construction industry felt the full force of the recession and slowed to a near halt at its worst point, but things are certainly looking up in Britain.

Many companies are already at pre-recession profit levels and figures are only expected to rise.

This is great news for employment prospects in the industry and definitely worth researching if you’re interested in moving into a new trade.

4. Legal Services

Expected increase in 2015: 4.9%

As the wheels start turning on the UK economy and the housing market gathers steam once again, the legal industry will also find itself with more work to do.

There will be conveyancing and, as people start to do business again, contract disputes to settle. That’s good news for the lawyers and the army of administrative staff they keep in work.

5. Hotels

Expected increase in 2015: 4.3%

The Rugby World Cup is an unlikely driving force for an overall increase in the hotel industry’s profitability for 2015, but the Chamber of Commerce has highlighted this major sporting event as the fulcrum for increased occupancy and a rise in overall room rates.

With London proving increasingly popular as a tourist destination, British families opting for “staycations” and a rise in the demand for rural retreats, the hotel industry is set for a bumper year in 2015.

That means jobs across the board in the service sector!

6. Agricultural Tech

Expected increase in 2015: 2.4%

The British are at the forefront of the agricultural technology industry (to find out more, check out this report).  One of the most innovative and fast-growing industries in the entire world, this sector is specifically attractive to candidates interested in environmental issues, engineering, food, farming, exports and biosciences.

This exciting work would involve creating environmentally friendly solutions to the challenges of an ever growing population and with the government recently plugging £2.1 million into the cause and boasting exports worth £7billion+ a year, the industry certainly doesn’t look ready to dwindle yet.


Of course, before you head off and start planning your new career in one of the above sectors, it is really important to do your research. Although job security and a fair salary are important, there are obviously a number of other key industry factors to consider.

  • Do you have the right personality to join that industry?
  • Would the industry expect you to travel often?
  • Are there certain skills the industry would expect if you wanted to progress?
  • If so, how could you go about getting them?
  • Will ethics play a part in your decision?

Just don’t give up on that day job, until you know what you’re letting yourself in for; the grass is always greener on the other side!

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