How to Ramp Up Your Job Search

How to Ramp Up Your Job Search

Job search tips. You’ll find hundreds of them (and career advice) on the internet, but they don’t always work.

I believe there’s a pretty good chance you’re wasting valuable time doing the wrong things!

Why? Well, if you’re constantly hitting the job search trail on a daily basis, you’re more likely to fall into the trap of repeating the same process again and again.

This blog post is all about identifying a way of working that’s right for you, sharing practical job search tips and saving you a whole heap of time in the process too.

Find your ideal work environment

Have you ever considered where your ideal job search environment is? Think about any previous jobs you’ve had.

How did each of those environments make you feel? Were you distracted a lot? Or did you get hours to reflect and get things done, without any hassle?

The work environment is integral to career progression and happiness.

While chatting to your colleague is a good way to take a break, if they’re always disturbing you, they’re stopping you from fulfilling your potential on a day-to-day basis.

You need to find a business who has the ideal work environment in which you can flourish and grow as a professional.

The more focused you are, the better results you’ll achieve. This can lead to pay rises, greater recognition and promotions.

So, instead of simply reading a job spec, do your research before applying. For example, check their social media accounts to see if there’s any work culture video and posts.

Do they have loads of pictures of social days? Judging by the imagery, does the office in the background look like an open and fun environment to work in? On the flip side, is there enough privacy offered for you to crack on with projects?

All of these elements play a key role in your success at a company.

Compare your company goals with the company’s goals

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make in their job search is to use a spec as a tick box exercise. Yes, you have 6 years of experience as a copywriter. Yes, you have a proven track record in generating further business and traffic for clients.

But does the company’s goals match what you want to achieve?

What are your career goals? For instance, you could write down promotions, leadership opportunities and remote working. Using this information, do you think that the company’s goals will enable you to achieve all of your own?

If they let you work from home, have a comprehensive training package in place and ongoing possibilities to move up in the business, happy days!

Otherwise, you might want to reconsider wasting your time applying. At the end of the day, if you’re on the job search trail for a long-term career, you need a position and a company that are willing to support your growth.

Don’t make the mistake of settling, you’re better than that!

Pro recruiter top tip

Have you been unemployed for a while?

Staying positive is hugely challenging when you haven’t received any interviews or job offers after applying for multiple roles.

Nonetheless, you should always:

– stay active and maintain your schedule;
– socialise with friends and family;
– focus on the quality of your applications not quantity;
– relax and accept the path that you’re on.

You can read more about how to stay positive during your job search here.

Start targeting companies

Never underestimate the power of networking and reaching out to companies – especially when you’re on the job search trail for your dream role.

When a company advertises a job, it’s easy to miss the boat. In theory, you need to be applying for a job no more than a couple of days after it’s first been listed.

Job seekers and recruiters are both eager to move fast. If you’re not on the ball, you might miss out on your dream job.

That’s why it’s worth reaching out to them when they’re not advertising a role.

While this might not speed up your job search, it can benefit you in the long-run if you’re only passively looking for something new.

By using LinkedIn to connect with relevant professionals at your favourite companies and having an informal chat with a recruiter about your situation, you can keep your name at the front of their minds when an opportunity does arise.

You may even get lucky and receive an invitation to apply before the job is posted – which will imply that you’re in the running for the vacancy.

Keep going!

Despite any challenges you may face in your job search, just keep plugging away. Something will pop up.

These tips are designed to help you mix things up and focus on submitting one quality application, instead of dozens.

Good luck!

Want some more assistance in finding your dream job? Then you may find our previous post useful; 9 Important Job Search Tips.  

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