Office Romance

10 Things To Consider Before Embarking On An Office Romance [Infographic]

For those of you who haven’t notice (fair play if you’ve somehow managed to avoid the shops, the emails and the adverts filled with your lover’s “perfect gift”) today is Valentine’s Day.

So it feels like the appropriate time to discuss office romance.

Good idea? Or asking for trouble?

Does love conquer all? I’ll let you decide…

10 things to consider before embarking on an office romance


There are pros and cons on both sides!

It’s just probably a good idea to consider the entire situation before crossing that line.

Recruiter Pro Tip.

Things to consider…

  • What will happen if it all goes wrong?
  • What will happen if it all goes right?
  • How will your co-workers (and boss) feel?
  • Is it legal/ against the company (written or unwritten) rules?
  • Do you really (really) want to be around your romantic partner all day, every day?!

It’s all down to the individual! Some people can cope, some just can’t.

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