10 Steps to Help You Land that Promotion at Work [Infographic]

Reckon you’re being undervalued or under-utilised at work?

Got a pay review coming up? Been turned down for promotions before?

Sometimes, it can be tricky to convince management to give you more responsibility (especially when that means they’ll have to pay you more).

But, if you follow the tips in our infographic – in the weeks leading up to your review – to show that you’re adding extra value and that you’d be a perfect person for a new role, you’ll certainly be on the right track.


If you think you deserve a promotion – and you’ve done some (or all) of the above, then ask!

Most managers won’t even blink an eye.


1. Build strong relationships: your boss is much more likely to promote someone who get on with the rest of the team (and them). It’s not worth the aggro of upsetting other staff members.

2. Show that you care: if you genuinely care about the business, you’re much more likely to work hard and excel at what you do.

3. Don’t make excuses. Own up to your mistakes and your boss (and employees) will respect you.

4. Bring solutions, not problems. If there’s an issue, come up with possible solutions before running to the boss. People want problem-solvers not trouble-makers.

5. Speak up.Show that you’re proactive and want to bring new ideas to the table – you’re bound to come up with some blinders, even if some of your ideas aren’t perfect.

6. Take on more. Show that you’re already doing more. Essentially, give yourself a promotion and then ask for the job title and salary to suit it…

7. Predict the future. All managers want someone who can get things done, before they’re even needed to be done!

8. Keep a work-life balance. If you don’t have some kind of outlet, you’re much more likely to burn out – and that’s bad for you and your boss.

9. Know what you want. And go for it. If your current boss doesn’t value you, then perhaps it’s time to move on?

10. Make a note of all of your successes. If you go into that meeting with a list of evidence, showing how you’ve done all of the above (and more), you’re in a much better position.

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How do you actually ask the question?

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Good luck getting that promotion!

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