The Top 10 Career Blogs of 2015

The Top 10 Career Blogs of 2015

elder women dancing around the kitchenThe Christmas holiday is obviously a time for relaxing, schmoozing (and a little bit of boozing)…

But it’s also an important time to take stock, look back on the year and reassess things.

So, with the New Year quickly approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to review our “Job-seeking Tips” blog and find out which ones YOU (our readers) thought were the best from 2015 – enjoy!

(And Happy New Year for Friday!)

Number 1: Silly CV Mistakes

Just ONE grammar mistake and your CV gets chucked!'Blog: 20 Reasons why your CV WILL be rejected

Struggling to get interviews?

Wondering why on earth your CV keeps getting rejected?

You’re probably making one of these 22 silly mistakes!

Number 2: Social Media Job-Seeking

Blog: How To Find A Job On Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook these days – it’s a perfect opportunity for you to advertise your wares & get potential employers seeing you.

This blog reveals how to do it…

(And how NOT to do it.)

Number 3: LinkedIn (Rookie) Errors

Blog: 12 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn (Probably)

linkedin ridiculous pictures93% of recruiters will stalk you on LinkedIn, before contacting you about a job vacancy.

In fact, it’s pretty much the first thing we do after receiving a promising CV or application form.

That means that your profile is one of the earliest chances you’ll get to make a great impression…

Don’t waste it!

Number 4: Great Interview Answers

Describe a time when you dealt with conflict at work...Blog: 10 Typical Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

You’re bound to recognise the 10 cliche interview questions that we’ve included in this blog.

But does your answer stand out from the rest?

Read on and find out!

Number 5: Impressive Interview Questions

Blog: 7 Questions You Should Ask To Impress Your Interviewer

Ever been asked if you have any questions at the end of an interview but not known what to say?

Here are 7 questions that you can ask which will impress the pants off your interviewer.

Go out with a bang!

Number 6: Body Language Blunders

Blog: 20 Body Language Blunders You Mustn’t Make During Interviews

Young Woman Collection of ExpressionsIn most cases, it’s unlikely that your interviewer will be a body language expert.

But they will naturally pick up on little actions, micro-expressions and movements that you make.

In this blog, we’ve put together a list of the 20 most common, often subconscious, body language blunders that candidates make.

Could you be sabotaging your interviews without even knowing it?

Number 7: Growth Industries

Blog: 6 Growth Industries That You Should Consider Working for in 2015

We had some great news towards the start of the year…

As the UK leaped out of the recession, the job market was booming with opportunity for bright jobseekers.

So within this blog, we revealed the 6 industries that were (and still are) expected to grow the most over the next few years and thus, offer maximum job security, salary and progression.

Number 8: The Best Companies

Blog: The 20 Best Companies to Work For in 2015!

minions at work looking happyAre you being fussy enough with your job search?

This week, we’re revealing the top 20 companies in the UK, their most celebrated employee benefits and some anonymous insider gossip from their employees.

Discover what it’s really like to work for the masters of employee engagement!

Number 9: How to Make a Great Impression

Blog: 16 Ways to Make A Great Impression On Your First Day of Work

superhero staff memberUnfortunately, you WILL be scrutinised on your first day at a new workplace.

Think about it – can you honestly say that you don’t judge your new colleagues?

The way you behave, both on a personal and professional level will really form an important part of how colleagues will see you in the future.

So how do YOU want to be seen at your new workplace?

Number 10: Productivity Tips

Blog: 10 Tips To Help You Become More Productive

dariah saying 'I've been busy procrastinating all day'We all procrastinate from time to time.

In a world filled with stubbornly distracting tech (and people) it’s just so easy!

So how do the super-successful manage to stay so bloody productive?

Discover our top 10 tips in this blog.

Will You Be Looking For a New Job in 2016?

We hope you’re having a fantastic Christmas break and that you’re at least getting a little bit of time to relax!

Recruiter Pro Tip.

January is actually one of the busiest times for recruiters.

People across the UK will be looking for a fresh start in the New Year, so there’ll be a rise in the number of jobseekers and vacancies to be filled!

It also means that it’s going to get very competitive for you – so why don’t you get ahead of the game? Check out our live vacancies here.

Of course, if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest career blogs from Coburg Banks, click here to subscribe!

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