10 Amazing Gifts You Could Buy Your Secret Santa This Year!

10 Amazing Gifts You Could Buy Your Secret Santa This Year!


Yes… this is me.

Christmas is coming! Are you prepared?

This is my current shopping list:

Turkey, tinsel, Christmas tree, mince pies, Christmas pudding, sprouts, parsnips, gravy (mustn’t forget the gravy) potatoes,  stuffing, Baileys, mulled wine, Christmas cake, crackers, Christmas presents (x 1000) Christmas jumper, cards (international must go ASAP) whiskey, baubles…

Now the one thing I have managed to do is buy my Secret Santa gift – I know, that’s usually the one thing that’s left till the last minute – but luckily, I had a momentary brainwave when I pulled their name out!

Are you struggling to come up with a great gift for your Secret Santa?

Behold! 10 top-notch, generic, but-not-so-generic-that-you-look-lazy, Christmas treats you could buy for your Secret Santa!

1. For the Innuendo-Junkie!

woman with caption: 'always so rude, that one'There’s one in every office: the innuendo-junkie who just somehow manages to make everything sound dodgy.

I believe Cards Against Humanity were created for that very person.

For the up-market Secret Santa – costing roughly £20 – when playing the ‘party game for horrible people…” you basically win, by being the most inappropriate and rude person you can possibly be.

If nothing else, it’ll definitely brighten up those late night shifts!

Warning: This gift is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

2. For the Constantly-On-A-Diet Colleague.

salad Salad is great once in a while, but everyday… surely it MUST get a bit boring?

So why not offer your health-fiend friend a helping hand with a snazzy Salad Recipe book

Obviously you can pick these up anywhere, but I found 500 Sensational Salads which seems like a good choice, with so many options and only £10.02!

3. For the Tw*t in the Office.

woman drinking tea You should definitely handle this one with care… don’t go giving it to your boss or anything!

Costing just £2.99, we’ve got the ‘I’m a Tw*t’ surprise mug.

(The surprise is that on the bottom it says, ‘I’m a Tw*t.”)

You can probably get away with this if you’re well-known for ‘banter’ – if not… I’d steer clear.

Unless, of course, you are trying to tell someone something? Still risky.

4. For the Constant Charger-Borrower!

man beggingIs there someone in your office who, for some unknown reason, refuses to bring a charger into work, but will beg, borrow and steal other people’s?

Perhaps there’s someone that you can never, ever reach because there phone is always dead?

Why not buy them an emergency travel charger (no plug needed)?

Prices range, but you can pick a ‘fuel active‘ up for as little as £8!

Personally, I like this one – perfect to just slip into a wallet or purse.

5. For the Hipster.

man with a beard and people stroking itNow the hipsters of the office are particularly difficult to buy for – why? Because…

“Hipsters are people who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities considered to be outside of the social mainstream.” (Thanks wikiHow!)

…and that means they ain’t gonna take kindly to a desk calendar or a jokey book about ‘banter.’

You need to think outside the box. Or inside as the case may be.

I’m thinking a Harmonica should do nicely – cheap and cheerful, vintage, old-school and probably so ‘un-cool’ that it’s actually ‘very cool’ (or something like that.) 

Failing that… what about beard baubles or a trimmer? (If for any reason you’re not sure what shaver to get, here’s the top 5 shavers for men).

6. For That Person Who is Eternally Cold!

elsa saying the cold never bothered me anyway

The cold never bothered me anyway…

Again, every single office has one.

That weird and wonderful creature who’s temperature always appears just a little bit off.

Of course, they complain so darn much that the heating is kept on full blast forever so everyone else in the office suffers…

If you think it’s high-time they received a good old-fashioned hint-hint, then you may want to consider a pair of fingerless gloves as your gift of choice.

You’ll find nice ones and not-so-nice ones for both men and women, so it just depends on how frustrated you’re feeling with your cold-fearing colleague!

As an alternative (if you are the cold person  in the office) you could get this desk fan for those annoying hot-blooded co-workers of yours!

7. For the Moaner.

minions playing with a voodoo dollIs your boss a nightmare?

Does he/she particularly clash with one of your co-workers?

Introducing, a slightly more risque Secret Santa gift: the Boss Voodoo Doll!

It’s really not as bad as it sounds, it actually just has a few things like ‘give me a bonus’ written on it.

Warning: you should definitely handle this comedy gift with care – if your boss doesn’t get the joke, you don’t want to drop your pal in the sh*t!

(Can you imagine… “so, Anthony – someone seems to think you don’t like me very much?”)

8. For the Constant Late-Comer

man smashing alarm clockAnd of course, that person who always strolls in about half an hour after everyone else.

It’s pretty obvious what they need… an alarm clock.

But, to make this ridiculously obvious gift (there’ll be expecting it I’m afraid) more exciting – why not go for one of these 11 nightmarish alarm clocks.

There’s a clock which donates money to charity if you snooze it, there’s a puzzle clock which won’t stop till you’ve finished it and there’s a blender clock!

Absolutely amazing, relevant and guaranteed to wake your colleague up!

9. For the “Big Drinker.”

marilyn monroe swigging some alcoholAlcohol is a pretty obvious one – and you’d be surprised what great gifts you can pick up for under £10…

  • A personalised wine glass that says “Anthony: sip happens.” (Obviously, you personalised with their name).
  • A personalised beer or cider glass.
  • You could even get gin and tonic shower gel or lip balm.
  • …And my personal favourite, the ‘wine bottle glass‘ – it’s not what you think – check it out.

It’s not lazy to buy one of these gifts IF you make sure that you pick something suitable for that exact person.

You don’t want to buy a wine glass for a beer-lover or a beer glass for a wine-lover.

Think it through and at least attempt to work out what their favourite drink is.

10. For the Boss.

the boss secret santaIt can be difficult to think of an appropriate, but nice gift for your boss.

You could go for the ‘over-the-budget’ whiskey (sucking up – are we?)

You could go for the cheap, cheerful and cheesy World’s Best Boss mug (if it’s good enough for Michael Scott.)

But why not think outside the box…

If all else fails, you could just get them a tea, coffee or general service bell.

Warning: this will probably irritate whoever it is that has to answer that bell…

Feeling Inspired?

Now you’re probably wondering – what on earth this has got to do with a careers/ job-seeking blog…

But we like to think that employee engagement and recruitment go hand-in-hand – happy workers do better work and stick around for longer!

We don’t want you falling out with your colleagues over some Secret Santa faux pas now do we?

(Bit of a stretch, perhaps…) but it’s Christmas!

Recruiter Pro Tip.

We joke, but as Dorothy Tannahill-Moran recently revealed in her smashing guest post for us… your number 1 priority at work should be to build and maintain good relationships, with your colleagues and boss (and obviously clients).

Don’t waste a huge proportion of your life being unhappy, for whatever reason – use the New Year as an opportunity to reassess!

This blog and these 10 blogs can help you with that!

Good luck gift-hunting!

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