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Assessing Applicants

6 Blog Posts You Should Read This January

If you work in HR and/or recruitment and are looking to improve your processes this year then this article (revealing six highly relevant resources) is just the ticket!

Posted on Jan 3, 2017
Assessing Applicants

5 Interview Questions to Assess Resilience

Are you looking to recruit a tolerant, determined risk-taker whose positive attitude, confidence & resilience allow them to bounce back after any setback?

(Who isn’t?!)

These interview questions are for you!

Posted on Nov 7, 2016
Assessing Applicants

5 Pointless Interview Questions, We Should All Stop Asking Candidates

Interviews are tough; with such a limited amount of time to find and assess the ‘perfect hire’ the pressure really is on.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure every single question counts; that each one reveals interesting, valuable information and impresses your candidates in the process.

The five interview questions in this blog WON’T do that…

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

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