The 10 Funniest Job Interviews From Film and TV

The 10 Funniest Job Interviews From Film and TV

Hollywood black and white, a beautiful acting woman and a clapboard - minimal lighting and strong contrastEver walked out of an interview and thought “what the hell was that?”

Perhaps you managed to screw up tremendously or maybe the interviewer was just a bit weird?

These things do happen.

In fact, some film and television Directors have even managed to recreate these instances of embarrassment, cringe and horror for our entertainment…

I’ve collected the 10 best and funniest examples of on-screen job interviews for your amusement this week.

Warning: some of these videos do feature (very) explicit language!

1. Step Brothers.

Are you a fan of Will Ferrell? Then you’ll LOVE this clip.

One of my all-time favourite films, this interview scene pretty much sums up “Step Brothers.”

Warning: some bad language.

Recruiter Tip: You will have frustrating times as an interviewer but do try to keep your cool. (Screaming ‘get out’ probably won’t look very professional).

Candidate Tip: Do NOT bring anyone with you to an interview.

Weirdly, we have actually had job candidates turn up to interview with a family member (among other bizarre things)… it didn’t go down well.

2. Peep Show.

People sabotage their own job interviews all the time, but usually not on purpose.

Jez certainly goes out with a bang in this hilarious clip from Peep Show…

If only he’d know he was never going to get the job in the first place (probably)!

Recruiter Tip: There will be time-wasters throughout the interviewing process. You must learn how to spot them! (Click here to see our 4-step technique for doing just that).

Candidate Tip: If you really don’t want the job – just don’t go to the interview! It’s a waste of your time, as well as the interviewer’s.

3. Mrs. Doubtfire.

Everyone has their favourite Robin Williams movie and Mrs. Doubtfire just happens to be mine.

The comedy genius was given completely free reign to go wild in this hilarious interview scene.

“What do you mean, you do voices..?”

Well – she did ask, didn’t she?

Recruiter Tip: Most candidates will attempt to answer every question and do whatever you tell them to do (within reason) so if you don’t want to know, don’t ask!

Candidate Tip: Some talents are best kept to yourself in an interview situation.

4. The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” is not exactly known for his social skills and tact, but you’d think maybe (just maybe) someone could have prepped him to tone down his pompous nature for a job interview?

Apparently not…

We’ve faced over-confident, cocky and arrogant interviewees at Coburg Banks in the past, but never quite like Sheldon (thank goodness).

Recruiter Tip: Some job candidates may have the right (or even superior) credentials for the role, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fit in well! Be on the look out for major personality flaws that are likely to clash with your company’s culture.

Candidate Tip: There’s a difference between being confident and being cocky – you need to strike a balance. (If you’d like some body language tips, click here).

5. The Internship.

Google are renowned for their strange interview questions and techniques and the ‘Internship’ is a great film based on this.

Considering that characters Billy and Nick are applying to work for Google, it’s pretty funny to see that technology really isn’t their strong point…

In the end, I personally think that the dynamic duo do manage to out-wit their interviewers – and at the very least their answers are unique!

Recruiter Tip: Don’t immediately judge a book by it’s cover.

Candidate Tip: It’s OK to be different, if your answers are still relevant and smart.

6. Friends.

Have you heard the rumours? The Friends’ cast MIGHT be reuniting for some sort of special episode…

Fans are certainly excited at the prospect and it’s easy to see why – just think back on all of those hilariously memorable moments.

For example, Monica’s (slightly weird) restaurant interview….

And who could forget Chandler’s “doodie” issues and Rachel’s embarrassing faux pas.

Recruiter Tip: There are some things that you simply cannot talk about (or hint at) in an interview. Click here to see the full list!

Candidate Tip: Sometimes, the right thing to do is to just leave!

7. Ted.

When you were younger, did you ever wish that your teddy bears would come to life and talk to you?

That’s what happened with Ted – although probably not in the cute, cuddly way you might expect.

Warning: this one is really (really) rude.

This entire film is really not for the faint-hearted.

Recruiter Tip: Don’t ignore major character flaws; if someone’s willing to show them at an interview, they’ll probably show them at work too.

Candidate Tip: Being a bit bolshie might work in interview – although, obviously not to the ridiculous extent showcased in Ted.

8. Monty Python.

This hilarious scene from Monty Python displays, just possibly, the strangest job interview ever to grace our television screens.

And, to be honest, I think viewers were probably just as confused as the poor interviewee…

Poor sod; how on earth do you react to something like that?

Recruiter Tip: Just don’t be a d*ck in an interview.

Candidate Tip: Some interviewers will actually try to wind you up. It’s OK to question their behaviour – would you even want to work for them anyway?

9. The Company Men.

You may not recognise this one, but it’s definitely a doozy!

*Shudder* – well she definitely got told.

(I’m sure we’ve all met a couple of interviewers, we’d like to give what for…)

Recruiter Tip: Recruitment is a two-way street; be kind to interviewees and don’t waste their time.

Candidate Tip: Don’t be bitter if you don’t get the job. Hold your head up high and prove your interviewer wrong. Who knows when you’ll come across them again in the future.

10. The Simpsons.

We all love Homer Simpson; the lovable, lazy rogue…

But I’m pretty sure none of us would want to work with him!

It was never going to go well was it?

Recruiter Tip: Don’t let your personal biases sneak into the interviewing process; be fair to everyone.

Candidate Tip:  It’s OK to tell an occasional white lie.

Some Inspiration from The Office.

I’ll leave you with some real interview inspiration from the legend himself, Dwight Schrute…

I’d hire him – would you?

And you thought your interview was bad?

Recruitment is a two-way street and interviewing is difficult from both sides of the table.

Recruiters need to be careful that they’re acting appropriately, asking the right questions and finding out everything that they need to know.

Whilst candidates must make sure that they come across confident, friendly and capable of fulfilling the job at hand.

Recruiter Pro Tip.

Whichever side of the table you happen to be on, keep calm and remember, always be prepared!

If you’d like some recruiter tips on how to track down superstar job candidates for your business, click here to view our blog for employers.

Or, if you need some advice on how to smash your next interview, click here to check out our blog for job-seekers!

Either way, good luck!

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Happy Friday folks!

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