13 Brilliant CVs You Won’t Want to Miss

Working in recruitment I see hundreds (if not thousands) of CVs every week.

It gets kind of repetitive.

However sometimes, you come across something so bursting with creative energy and extremely aesthetically pleasing…

I decided to pick out a few of my favourite, absolutely brilliant CVs and share them with you…

1. Google Maps..?

Now, I’m sure the majority of people are familiar with Google Maps.

Lost? Just search your destination. Curious about somewhere across the world? Just drop the little man on the map. Want to know where your candidate has been? Wait… what?!

This guy (Ed Hamilton) decided to pinpoint all of the places he’s worked throughout his life, as well as studied, on Google Maps!

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

If you’re interested, you can view the live version on Google Maps – here.










Source: SocialTalent

2. Pixar

So obviously, you’d expect someone applying for a job at a film producing company as large as Pixar to have to jump through some hoops, but I personally feel like this guy went above and beyond.

In case you can’t see too well, he’s boxed up a film roll that he created and within that, is a sketch book where he’s “sketched” his experience and CV out, just as if he was planning a film!


Source: SocialTalent

3. Yellow

Elliot Hassie, a graphic designer, added a bit of comedy into his CV.

I have to say my favourite section is his “weapons of choice”, (in other words, his measurable skills using different software).

It’s brilliant!


















Source: Business Insider

4. Tasty!

Doughnut anyone?

I would definitely not be complaining if I received this box full of goodies!

I mean, the strapline “Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine – in your belly” is brilliant too but…

…Mmm… Doughnuts…


Source: Twitter

5. Pocket Size

This one is a little more professional, with a sleek outer cover and gracious design.

It just shows how much time Candice was willing to put into her work, as well as the effort and precision too!

Source: Weare Guru

6. Got Milk?

This guy does.

He also listed his skills etc. under nutrition and listed things with “high” or “low calories” depending on how well he could do the task.

Slightly random, but maybe there’s a story behind it.







Source: Telegraph

7. Lego!

I’d love to receive this from a candidate.

It connects with people on a personal level, but also makes the CV interactive.

Who is really going to put this down when they can see how much effort and time has gone into it?

Definitely not me!


Source: Telegraph

8. Fancy

I like this design because it’s uncomplicated.

There’s not too much going on, but it’s interactive, and sharp.

Some say that less is more, what do you think?
















Source: Hongkiat

9. Hershey’s or Hirschy’s?

Now, I’m not 100% sure who Bruce is, but here’s another twist on the milk carton idea.

It really works well with the guy’s name too, since Hirschy is extremely close to Hershey…

The cherry on top however, has to be the way he’s included his phone number.

See if you can spot it!











Source: Beebom

10. Effective relief from creative pain

This had me belly-laughing.

Not only is it creative genius, but that one line of “effective relief from creative pain”, I love it!

I do hope it isn’t really medication though…















Source: Beebom

11. Meet Jimmy

Jimmy really went all out on this CV.

It’s so playful, but so professional all in one!

Plus, as an Art Director, he’s really showcased his skills well.

I’m sure this is only a small portion of what he can do!






















Source: Behance

12. Self-Portrait

This is a unique take on a CV altogether.

Hailey has pretty much dissected her self-portrait and linked it to key features about herself.

Although simple, she’s included things that employers would definitely be looking for, such as her experience and skill set.












Source: Savedelete

13. Life Cycle

This CV says in a few words what most can’t in many!

Marco states (starting from birth…) what he’s done at each stage of his life and how he’s got to where he is.

He’s also included his skill set, measurable by how full the bar is, and a venn diagram!
























Source: Savedelete


I hope you were as impressed with these CVs as I was!

Most of these candidates are Designers so don’t worry, your CV does NOT have to be as wild as some of these.

Like I said earlier, less can sometimes be more.

Want to read more?

If you’re not sure your CV is up to scratch, you can find some tips here to help you out…

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Happy Friday!

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Deep Web
2 years ago

Hello. remarkable job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

Rose Martine
2 years ago

Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your website by chance, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

2 years ago

Uh oh – #13 – “Skils” – you don’t want that on your CV

Mary J Tait
2 years ago

Might be ok to use it to accompany your CV to show what you can do, but it really doesn’t give enough background and is unlikely to be picked up by ATS Applicant Tracking Systems.