25 Weird Office Rules

25 Weird Office Rules You Won’t Believe Are Real [Infographic]

Sometimes, you’ve got to put your faith in humankind and just hope that common sense will prevail.

But unfortunately, that’s not always the case – as you’ll soon see from the weird, wonderful and (hopefully) unnecessary workplace rules we’ve collected for this infographic.

Sometimes I do wonder…

Weird Office Rules Infographic

Weird right..?

You’ve got to wonder why on earth these employers felt the need to put these rules in place.

Why would someone clamber into a rubbish compactor?
What else could a foot-measuring device be used to measure?
Is eating and walking really that much of a hazard?

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Weird Workplace Rules

Let us know if you’ve got any to add to the list – just sign into Facebook and leave a comment below.

Happy Friday.

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