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5 of the Best (Quirkiest) Recruitment Videos You’ll Ever See.

woman in blonde wig with toy moneys tired round her neck dancing snapshot of videoEmployer branding is so important to a business.

By positioning yourself as a company that people actually want to work for, you’ll attract the best talent out there – and that’s where these recruiting videos come into play.

They’re all about flaunting the great culture, personality and perks of working for a company.

And to stand out (and even go viral), you do have to be a little bit quirky…

Some companies are absolute geniuses at this sort of thing – here are my five favourites!

1. innocent.

This absolutely ridiculous, but pretty hilarious video from innocent (yummy smoothies) is bound to put a smile on your face…

Keep watching; things only get weirder and more wonderful as you go on.

Smooth moves!

2. Barclays.

Not quite as silly, but definitely just as enthralling, you might recognise this little gem from Barclays

Creative, fun and original – but you can bet it cost a fair amount of money to pull off!

3. Hillsboro Police.

Proof that you don’t have to be a big, wealthy business to create a great recruitment video…

The Hillsboro Police team project a warm and friendly nature in this funny, tongue-in-cheek ad.

“It’s the people that make Hillsboro Oregon so special” – we agree Dwayne, we agree.

4. Dropbox.

How to put a more quirky twist on cheesy, fake employee testimonials about a company..?

Bring in the muppets!

This video totally complements the ‘down-to-earth’ brand that Dropbox are attempting to create.

It’s just great to hear what employees actually think about a company, but without having to listen to and watch monotonic speeches from awkward participants.

5. Bamboo HR.

Bamboo HR’s quirky video actually tugged at my heartstrings a little bit.

It’s all about the value of having a work-life balance and how family, social life and wellbeing are (and should be) so important to employees and therefore the company.

It truly feels like they care about their staff.

Would you want to work for these companies?

Who wouldn’t after watching such great, appealing and quirky videos?

Recruiter Pro Tip

Let’s be honest, most companies aren’t going to use videos to recruit staff – it’s time consuming, expensive and you can never be sure it’ll work (let alone go viral like these).

But you can still get creative – and there are many ways to build an employer brand that attracts the best talent to your company, without filming a quirky ad like the ones above.

Click here and have a browse through out ‘attracting staff’ blogs to find out more.

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Happy Friday!

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