5 Things Work Enemies Are Good For

5 Things Work Enemies Are Good For

Yes, the title of this blog may seem like a bit of an oxymoron…

And you may be thinking I’ve lost the plot.

However, the thing is, there’s actually a handful of reasons why having an enemy at work is fantastic for you.

Let me explain…

1. They’ll increase your motivation

Nothing wrong with a healthy bit of competition is there…?

You certainly don’t want to get caught slacking because your work enemy will probably tell your manager!

It’s sort of like having your own personal prison officer.

Also, you’re going to want to be better than them!

2. They’ll point out your flaws

Ever feel like your work friends aren’t being entirely honest? Perhaps they’re scared of offending you?

Fear no more! Your work enemy is going to spill the real beans!

The benefit? You can work hard on improving your flaws until there’s nothing left for them to say!

3. They’ll improve your initiative

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to improve your profile?

How do your managers see you? Your enemy will push you to improve that image.

You’ll be on constant lookout for what you can be doing to improve the way you work, without being asked (unlike your enemy).

People will be singing your praises, and they’ll be more trusting of your opinion too.


4. They’ll give you a different opinion

If you only look at the skin of a banana, how do you know it’s not bruised on the inside?

It’s never good to look at things from only one perspective.

It’s all about considering absolutely everything, which is easier than it sounds… especially if you already have a strong opinion on something.

But because your work enemy is trying to test you, they’ll often contradict you – and with real determination too.

Perhaps they have a better idea than you..? You should use it! There’s no point cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Perhaps they don’t… in which case you look better anyway.

5. They’ll encourage your creativity

Have you been stuck in a creative dumping ground for a while?

Much like our other points, having that extra bit of competition will skyrocket your creativity and initiative.

Need sales? You’ll find a way to get them. Need candidates? You’ll find a great source. Need a way to reduce traffic on the motorway? You’ll… probably never nail that one but you can try!

In fact, you could come up with the best idea since sliced bread.


That little bit of competition you get from a work enemy can seriously boost your own skills and career.

Put aside all of the stress and rage that fills you when you see them, and just embrace the benefits.

That said, don’t purposely make enemies! And if some of the behaviours we discussed above sound familiar to you, it’s time to rethink your own way of working.

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