50 Things We All Need to Stop Moaning About at Work

50 Things We All Need to Stop Moaning About at Work

What really grinds your gears?

As a nation, you’ve got to admit, we do like to complain, moan and whinge quite a lot…

But it’s Friday! So let’s be positive.

This week, I’ve made a light-hearted list of 50 things we should all stop moaning about at work.

Can you make it through the day grumble-free?

The Weather

minions fighting over a scarf1. How cold and wet it is.

This is the UK; here, it rains. If you can’t hack the climate, perhaps it’s time to consider working abroad?

2. How hot it is.

Admit it. Did you have a tiny, little whinge about the fantastic weather at some point this week? Mother Nature just can’t win.

3. The air conditioning being on.

Majority rules I’m afraid.

4. The air conditioning being off.

See above.

Personal Stuff

dog with mud all over his face, looking guilty5. Pets.

To be fair, I quite enjoy hearing about Bob’s latest shenanigans.

6. Your kids.

Yes, children usually are quite childish… but we know you love them really.

7. Your parents.

Um… little bit of respect for the people who brought you up!

8. Your best friend who we don’t know.

No matter how many times you drop Janet into conversation, we still don’t know who she is and what she has got to do with anything (least of all, us).

9. Your latest row with your partner.

Leave it at home! And look on the bright side; at least you have a partner to argue with!

Work Stuff

traffic jam10. Your commute.

Traffic again… who’d have thought it?

11. How much you need a holiday – RIGHT NOW.

We all need a holiday – RIGHT NOW.

12. How far away it seems till your next holiday.

At least you have a holiday booked.

13. How tired you are.

Who isn’t, these days?

14. How you couldn’t sleep again last night.

I’m starting to think you have insomnia.

15. Typos.

People make mistakes! Grumbling about every single one will just irritate everyone around you.

16. Being busy.

Would you rather be bored?

17. Being bored.

Would you rather be busy?

Self-Inflicted Stuff

woman looking hungover18. Your hangover.

Perhaps you shouldn’t go out on a school night then..?

19. How hungry you are.

Eat something!

20. Parking (or lack of).

Perhaps if you left for work a little bit earlier, there’d be more parking spaces near the office?

21. Your shoes.

If you’re going to wear brogues without socks, 10 inch heels or shoes that don’t fit properly then I’m sorry, you’ve brought this on yourself.

22. Money (or lack of).

I didn’t see you complaining on Saturday night when you bought a (very expensive) round of tequilas!

23. Your fitness regime.

Funny, I don’t remembering ordering you to go on a diet and join the gym – so why am I getting told off?

24. How dead your phone is.

Charge it properly at night, buy a new phone or bring your charger into work; whatever it takes to get you some more bars (and to get you to stop going on about it).

25. The overtime you’re doing (voluntarily).

Just don’t do it then…

Stuff We Can’t Control

spraying deodrant everywhere26. The kitchen being smelly.

It’s a kitchen… it’s going to smell like food. (And however much you’d like to, it’s not really fair to stop people eating the things that they enjoy).

27. The toilet being smelly.

See above.

28. How old you are getting.

Rubbish, but inevitable.

29. Tax.

I feel your pain.

30. Prices.

“Fuel prices have gone up…” “Did you know a Freddo costs like £100 these days..?” “I remember when buses used to cost 50p…” Heard these before?

31. Having to get up in the morning.

Ye, ok, I’ll give you that one.

Irritating People

monster from monster's inc saying 'you forgot to give your paperwork in last night'32. Your boss.

They may be a nightmare but moaning won’t change that. (Just be thankful that you don’t work for one of these 50 horrendous managers.)

33. The person who waltzes in late every day.

Why do you care?

34. The cheapskate.

You know; that person who will never buy their round and never contributes to charity/ birthdays?

35. The Gossip.

It’s ironic that by moaning about the gossiper, you’re sort of gossiping yourself.

36. Your clients…

Ok everyone is guilty of this one!

37. Your hairdresser.

To be honest, it sounds like they were just trying to be friendly, you unsociable git!

38. The train/bus driver.

It’s probably not their fault that you were late.

39. The “pretty” one.

Everyone can see through this blatant sign of jealousy.

Recognise these irritating people? You might just enjoy this infographic.

Controversial Stuff

man looking sad and confused saying 'why'd you do that?'40. The ending to the show we haven’t watched.

I have no words for you people.

41. Religion.

For obvious reasons; this is a no-no.

42. The opposite sex.

Seriously, you’re going to start a war of the genders at work?


I’d steer away from the political debates at work; it’s bound to end in tears and/or an HR sh*t-storm.

Appearance Issues

lucy lu saying 'look at me, is my face not flawless'44. How much you hate attention.

Ironic. Does this mean I can ignore you?

45. How heavy you are.

If you are heavy, it’s just plain awkward. If you aren’t, it’s just bloody annoying.

46. How much of a mess you look.

Probably should have gotten up when your first alarm went off, instead of serial-snoozing then shouldn’t you?

Social Media

woman saying 'I'm not following you'47. How LinkedIn is “becoming Facebook.”

So what? Does it really affect you that much?

48. People posting baby/pet pictures.

Seriously? There are worst things in the world. Just unfriend or unfollow them if you don’t like it.

49. Random people adding you on LinkedIn/Facebook.

No one’s forcing you to accept and your 500+ connection count speaks for itself really.

50. Social media is ruining our lives.

Is it though?

Good Luck.

I know; sometimes you need to have a good grumble, to vent your frustrations and prevent a bigger burst of anger, further down the line.

But it’s always good to try and at least think positive! Click here for some tips on how to do that.

Recruiter Pro Tip

Are your employees moaning a lot more than normal at work? Do they seem unhappy and more stressed than usual? Do something about it.

Check out these resources for some ideas on how to re-motivate and engage your staff:

Good luck.

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