50 Weird Ways to Get Yourself Sacked: Odd Real-Life Confessions

50 Weird Ways to Get Yourself Sacked: Odd Real-Life Confessions

I know, I know – getting sacked is no laughing matter…

dog looking confused and bemusedBut I think the unfortunate people on this list would allow us at least a little chuckle at their weird and wonderful confessions.

Which of these ‘offenders’ deserved their fate and who was simply at the wrong place, (wearing the wrong clothes) at the wrong time?

I’ll let you be the judge…

50 Weird Ways to Get Yourself Sacked…

woman throwing water of man saying 'you think you're better than me'1. Throw a glass of water over your boss.

(Office worker)

2. Just be “too” sexy.

(Dental Assistant)

3. Fall asleep on the toilet for two hours. (Salesman)

4. Take a bath in the kitchen sink. (KFC worker)

5. Spur your junior basketball team on to a 100-0 victory. (Coach)

6. Use the ladies toilet for number twos. (Male Office Worker)

7. Tie tinsel round your lollipop. (Lollipop Man (obviously…))

8. Disagree with your boss’s opinion on X Factor. (Office Worker)

9. Steal your co-worker’s lunch from the fridge, every day for a year. (Office Worker)

10. Swap your milk with paint to catch out (and poison) the office thief. (Office Worker)

augustus gloop eating loads of the sweets in the willy wonka factory11. Refuse to “stop greedy customers from eating” at an all-you-can-eat buffet.


12. Wear no trousers. (Helicopter Pilot)

13. Don’t staple well enough to meet your boss’s expectations. (Office Worker)

14. Create a mock video of “Gangnam Style.” (14 Lifeguards)

15. Feature as a “bad omen” in your boss’s horoscope. (Office Worker)

16. Tell your customer to smash their face against their computer. (IT Support)

17. Get caught carving your initials into your desk. (Office Worker)

18. Take a French Translator job, when you can’t speak French. (French Translator)

19. Be “too irritating” when you pick up the phone. (PA)

20. Post a “suggestive” photo on your blog. (Air Hostess)

21. Don’t pay your train fare – and get caught. (Office worker)

man getting applauded in meeting22. Fart in a very important meeting.

(Office Worker)

23. Type too loudly. (Office Worker)

24. Save someone from getting stabbed, while on shift. (Waiter)

25. Get caught doing the naughty in the car-park. (Shop Assistant)

26. Wear orange. (Office Worker)

27. Tell your clients that the end of the world is coming. (Salesperson)

28. Outsource your entire job to China. (Web Developer)

29. Take pupils to the shop, in your boot. (Teacher)

30. Get caught wrestling a shark, when you’re supposed to be “ill” (Charity Worker)

31. Eat all the cakes. (Bakery Assistant)

judge judy face-palming32. Ask for drugs, via Twitter. (Mechanic)

33. Yawn too much. (Security Guard)

34. Swear during your first live TV appearance.

(News Presenter)

35. Ask your nine-year-old pupils for relationship advice. (Teacher)

36. Draw a phallic symbol on someone’s coffee. (Barista)

37. Refuse to smoke. (Office Worker)

38. Smoke in the toilets. (Office Worker)

39. Type out your emails in red Caps. (Office Worker)

40. Call your boss a “serial masturbator” on Facebook. (Office Worker)

41. Urinate in the lift. (Office Worker)

ferrets causing a mess in the office42. “Sneak” three ferrets into work. (Office Worker)

43. Repeat the same Seinfeld joke, over and over.

(Office Worker)

44. Do your job too quickly. (Office Intern)

45. Head-butt a co-worker. (Buckingham Palace Chef)

46. Jump out at your boss and shout BOO! (Office Worker)

47. Shake up all the fizzy-pop cans. (Supermarket Assistant)

48. Post an x-ray of someone’s rectum (+ lodged item) on Facebook. (Nurse)

49. Give your pals extra cheese on their hamburgers. (Kitchen Assistant)

50. Fall asleep at your desk every afternoon for 3 months. (Office Worker)

What’s the verdict?

I’ve got to tell you, I think 90% of these weird and wonderful sackings were justified; it’s almost as if the perpetrators woke up one day and thought; “how can I sabotage my career?”

It must make you feel glad to have such glowing employees at your company – right?

Recruiter Pro Tip

We joke, but deciding to sack someone is (usually) not an easy decision to make.

It should never be done in the heat of the moment, in 99% of cases you should give some kind of warning and it’s always best to try and fix the issues first.

Communication is key.

If you’d like some tips on what to do when a staff member is underperforming and when to know it’s time to give up, click here.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who’s been let go recently, for whatever reason – check out this blog – to find out some of the key tips for staying proactive and positive.

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Happy Friday!

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Humrah Gilani
Humrah Gilani
1 year ago

Very hilarious and creative