6 Great Ways to Nap at Work

6 Great Ways to Nap at Work

It’s not uncommon to feel tired at work.

In fact, I quite often hear – and say myself – “Gosh I’m so tired, I can’t wait to get to bed”.

And all I can think in that moment is how much I’d love to close my eyes for forty winks.

Thing is, it’s not really allowed at work (unless you work at Google).

So what would usually be a mug turns into a bottomless cup of coffee that refills twice an hour.

That’s why I put together this blog post.

I think it’s important to catch up on your missing sleep, but I also know that no one is really going to give you the thumbs up to sleep on work time.

Behold, the infographic that will solve your problem…

6 Great Ways to Nap at Work


Okay, all jokes aside, you probably shouldn’t be catching up on your sleep at work.

I mean procrastination is fine every now and again, but sleeping probably shouldn’t make the cut.

If you seriously do need your bed then speak to your manager about it.

I can guarantee that they’ve been in the same position as you before and so it won’t hurt to ask.

(I am talking borderline passing out though).

And obviously your manager would probably much rather you turn up fresh faced for the rest of the week than trying to play catch up.

For the time being though, if sleeping isn’t a great option, I’ve found a blog post for you.

It’s an article by Inc that gives pointers on how to wake up without using that bottomless cup of coffee I mentioned earlier.

You can read it here: 12 Non-caffeinated Ways to Wake Up at Work

Hopefully it’ll help you keep your eyes open.

Happy Friday!

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