8 Strange Jobs You Don’t Get Any More

I’m sure you’ve heard all the headlines over the last decade about “robots stealing our jobs…” in the future. But the invasion is already well under way!

There are loads and loads of jobs that have been taken over by technology, machinery and of course, the world wide web.

Here are 8 strange (to us) ones that have completely disappeared.

(Ok, you can do a couple of them, but not in the same capacity as before…)

1. Town Crier

Got a message you need to get out? Just hire a town crier!

They were usually well-respected men who announced important information by shouting it at the top of the voices.

To be fair, you’d probably be better reaching an audience via social media in this digital age though…

Source: Find My Past

Image Source: SF Gate

2. Leech Collector

Leech collectors used to go out hunting for leeches, drawing them from the ground with meat or by walking through rivers bar

Back in the day, leeches were used as a treatment for various conditions, by sucking the blood from patients in hospitals.

In fact, although fairly rare, there are still some hospitals today that use leeches for blood donations!

Source: Business Insider

3. Computer

Yes, you read that right – these ladies were called Computers!

And no, not because they used a computer to crunch the numbers for accounts, but because they themselves spent all day doing the hard work.

Eventually they did end up getting replaced by the modern computer but imagine the
brain power on these people!

Source: Business Insider

4. Resurrectionists

Resurrectionists did exactly what it says on the tin: they resurrected bodies from the ground.

This was usually because universities needed bodies to use for educational purposes, but getting a body to use legally was ten times harder and very expensive.

It was actually easier to pay
someone to steal a body instead!

Source: India Today

5. Knocker-Up

Honestly, I think I may have to invest in a Knocker-Up – alarm clocks can be so unreliable!

Basically these hard workers would knock on your door or window every morning to make sure that you were up in time for your daily tasks.

Source: India Today

6. Lamplighters 

Lampposts now are usually on a timer or – better still – react to the sunlight!

However, back when lamps were still gas the lamplighter would walk around setting them alight and would extinguish them too.

Source: Thrillist


7. Lungs

The person called “the lungs” would usually be based in an alchemist’s lab as a servant.

And the main duties of the job would be to sit around and fan the fire all day.

Could be a tad repetitive

SourceCBS Local

8. Pre-Radar Listener

In the modern day there’s so much technology for even the smallest of things that we don’t give a second thought as to how people lived without it!

These pre-radar devices were used for people to listen out for enemy aircrafts before they actually arrived.

Mad… Right?

SourceLittle Things

Image Source: Imgur – epicnesshunter


So, which was your favourite..? (Or least favourite?)

It is pretty interesting considering life before technology went wild. I wonder what life will be like in another 100 years?! (Hopefully robots won’t really have taken over our jobs!)

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Happy Friday! 

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