40 Jobs That Just Sound Really Boring Infographic

40 Jobs That Just Sound Really Boring

Ok… different people find different things boring.

For example, I struggle with admin. I just find filing, cleaning out my inbox, paperwork etc. really monotonous and it’s really hard to keep myself motivated when I have to do these things.

I’m sure some people would find stats boring – which is one of my favourite bits of the job.

But then you come across some job titles that just sound really monotonous and you’ve got to wonder… are they really as boring as they sound?

40 Jobs That Just Sound Really Boring


Confession time: I have personally done a couple of the jobs above… I’ll leave it to your imagination which ones though.

What I will say is; I can’t imagine waking up, and feeling excited about picking beetroots up off the floor all day.

Although, someone has to do it! And at least most of them are safe, unlike these jobs

Do you think your job is boring? If so, let us know what you do in the comments below, or by tweeting us.

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Happy Friday!

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