Confessions: 7 Bad Things People Have Done at Work

Confessions: 7 Bad Things People Have Done at Work

I’m sure we’ve all had times where we just aren’t too fussed about our jobs anymore, or maybe we’re just feeling a little rebellious and wanted to do something standoutish.

But these people really take the biscuit with their stunts.

From pretending to be dead, to disgusting managers, we’ve found a good few stories from people who have done bad things at work.

Check them out…

A sea of whiteness…

A few summers back, a first-shift parking attendant was bored so he decided to park all of the white cars on the third floor of a gigantic garage.

The unfortunate second-shift attendant had to stay late helping people find their cars in a seemingly endless sea of white vehicles.


Food thieves, they deserve it.

Someone in our office kept eating other people’s food, so two of my coworkers ate half of a pizza before scraping the toppings off the other side and replacing the marinara sauce with spicy habanero sauce.

Then they sat back and observed, and the guilty party eventually ended up running out of the kitchen crying with mouth aflame.

Food never went missing again.



Worked at Domino’s as a driver when I was in college.

When we were slow we were required to go in the back of the shop to fold boxes.

I started a tradition of doing this naked.

Co-workers were shocked at first to see a naked guy folding boxes but it caught on.


The living dead

My roommate had a girl call in dead to work. She was too hungover so got her roommate to call her boss and say she died in a car accident.

Everyone in her team thought she was dead for four days until she turned up the following Monday as if nothing happened.

She didn’t get fired and works in HR.



My co-worker accidentally blended his Band-Aid into a smoothie.

Our boss had asked the dude to wear a glove, but for some reason he didn’t… The poor customer had already [drunk] almost half the drink before she found out.


Even grosser…

I once saw a coworker blow her nose into her hand and then wipe it on her pants.

This is the woman who organises the tea, coffee and biscuits for meetings.


Free food

In a supermarket, I used to reduce items that were going out of date to 1-5p (depending on how generous I was feeling), hide them out back until the shop was about to close, then buy them.

It was a pretty common thing among lower employees.

Did it for a year or so before someone else was caught taking home 10 pizzas every night.

But twice a week, I’d come home with expensive desserts (trifle, profiteroles, tarts), for virtually no money.



Have you ever done anything as weird and wonderful as these guys and their colleagues?

If you have, we want to know! Drop us a comment below or reach out to us on our Twitter page.

And it doesn’t stop there, people really have a tendency to do strange things under pressure, and if you want to know what then check out our recent blog post: Reader Confessions: 7 Awkward Interview Stories.

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