Liar, liar.

Liar, liar.

Brainteaser Answer 18:

Tom is the thief!

Let’s work it out…

  • Don and Eddie contradict each other which means one of them must be a liar.
  • One of the remaining boys must also be lying (there are 2 liars).
  • Tom has said ‘you’re both lying’ about the two other remaining boys (Jim and Hank), but there can only be one liar, so it must be him.
  • Jim and Hank are both telling the truth so it can’t be Eddie or Hank who stole the apple.

Tom must have stolen the apple.

(I was suspicious about Jim at first, but if you read carefully, Jim said it was Hank OR Tom – so he’s not actually contradicting Hank’s words).

Jim, Hank and Eddie are telling the truth. Don and Tom are the liars.


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