The Best (Worst) Office Christmas Decorations

We put our Christmas decorations up at our office earlier this month.

And while I was going through some of the old-school decorations we have in storage, I just couldn’t help but think “why have we invested in these?”

I can’t even begin to think about what our clients must have thought, the years we used them loudly and proudly. 🥴

And like many of my other anecdotes, the situation has compelled me to share some more, great examples, from across the internet.

Happy Christmas! 🎅

1. A bit of handy work… 🧤

The Best (Worst) Office Christmas Decorations

Source: The Awesome Daily

2. What’s this “post” to be? 🏷

The Best (Worst) Office Christmas Decorations

Source: Thumbpress

3. A cheery way to represent Christmas 🕊

Source: Thumbpress

4. If it doesn’t work after turning it off and on, turn it into a wreath. 💿

Source: Christmas 365 Greetings

5. I think they missed the stop for Halloween. 🎃

The Best (Worst) Office Christmas Decorations

Source: Pinterest

6. Effort level = 100% 👀

Source: Thumbpress

7. That’s another way to look at it! 🎂

Source: Thumbpress

8. “Does this star make me look skinny?”

Source: MI Business Mag


Overall, I think the moral of the story is that if you’re going to put decorations up for the festive season, do it properly!!!

Although to be fair, some of these did make me feel pretty jolly!

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Happy Friday!

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Murch Helen
2 years ago

Hahahaha… these look funny the hand one and door one..

4 months ago

It’s creative. I didn’t think it would be possible to use such scraps to decorate such a beautiful space. I have applied a few to my office. Look so beautiful