Reader Confessions: 7 Awkward Interview Stories

Not sure whether you caught our blog last week: 53 Strange Interview Candidates [Infographic] but it received quite an interesting response!

Most people couldn’t believe what they were reading and sent emails expressing sympathy for the poor interviewees.

However, some knew all too well the strange circumstances that can occur when you’re put under the pressure of a job interview.

That’s right, we received some more, extremely entertaining, interview stories this week.

Obviously – and with their approval – we’ve decided to share them – and a couple of other confessions we stumbled across this week.

Thanks to everyone who sent their interview stories across! Enjoy.

1. NEVER kiss an interviewer…

I once went to an interview and the interviewer recognised me as I used to go to the same school as her daughters so we had a few things to chat about outside of the usual interview questions (which I was awful at as I get terribly nervous).

At the end of the interview we shook hands and she held my hand a little longer than I was expecting and leaned towards me so I thought she was going for the European ‘kiss on the cheek’ greeting…but no.

As I proceeded to do that she shrieked “OH NO! NO! NO! NEVER KISS AN INTERVIEWER!” I about turned, ran out of the building, jumped in my car and fled the scene.

2. A little bit keen…

I decided to visit my interview location the day before the interview, just to be sure I knew how to get there. I got all the way to the door and was just about to turn around when a group of people bustled in and past me.

I have no idea why I did this, but for some reason, I walked in with them. I found myself inside the office, staring awkwardly around and the manager asked who I was.

I garbled a strange apology, explained the situation and ran.

3. Awkward anger issues…

So, it’s not exactly my confession, but I was in a group interview once – and everyone was basically asked the same question and whoever spoke first would answer. It was horrible.

But one of my fellow interviewees really screwed up. The question was “why are you all leaving your current workplaces” to which he replied “honestly, my boss is a complete b***h.

I burst out laughing with the awkwardness of the situation and the interviewer quickly moved on, but it was really, really awkward.

4. What are your weaknesses?

When asked what I thought my weaknesses were, I replied by saying, “It’s funny, because when you ask for a weakness you’re still supposed to try and use it at as a strength… it’s kind of like that Rihanna song where she says, ‘I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it.'”

I was met with a dead stare and a large cloud of awkwardness growing between us.


5. You only have a Citroen?

What happened was I was being interviewed for a job in the DIY industry by a nice enough sales manager.

We got on to the subject of the car provided and he said it would be a Citroen, not my favourite car at that time. The man told me he had a Citroen C5, to which I replied “you poor feller” , trying to be somewhat sympathetic.

He was pleasant enough in his reply but I never got the job or a second interview. I don’t know if that was because there were better candidates or my comments about his Citroen C5.

6. Excuse me?

I was interviewing at a child care facility.

I am naturally a very nervous, awkward person, so when I was asked how I feel about children and discipline, I said that I didn’t believe in “capital punishment,” obviously meaning “corporal.”


7. “Competent in French.”

I can speak a little bit of French. More than enough to get by on holiday, but I’m by no means fluent.

So I wrote on my CV “competent in French.” This is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I attended an interview and it was only when I arrived and introduced myself that I realised the interviewer was French. When we got to the skills section of my CV, she began talking to me (quite quickly) in French.

Obviously, I understood little to nothing of what was being said. It was just so cringeworthy and I kept just saying “pardon, pardon.”

Although the role didn’t actually require you to be French-speaking, the lie on my CV was obvious and my nervousness about the situation pretty much ruined the entire interview.

I removed it from my CV on the way home from the interview. Don’t lie on your CV!


Have these interview stories cringed you out?

They’ve definitely made me quite uncomfortable!

Can you imagine attempting to kiss your interviewer?… Awkward!

If you’ve got any embarrassing interview stories, we’d really love to hear them. You can leave your story in the comments below, or tweet us.

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Happy Friday!

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