30 Amazing and Work Appropriate Secret Santa Gifts (Or Stocking Fillers)

30 Great (And Work Appropriate) Secret Santa Gifts (Or Stocking Fillers)

Are you doing Secret Santa at your company this year?

If the answer is yes, then hopefully you’ll already have bought, wrapped and popped you gift underneath the office Christmas tree…

However, I know from experience that it’s not always that easy (especially when there are about six million other things to think about this season).

So I thought I’d give you a helping hand (just in case you’re not sorted yet).

Behold! 30 top-notch, generic, but-not-so-generic-that-you-look-lazy, Christmas treats you could buy for your Secret Santa (or to fill a loved one’s stocking) this year.

Ho Ho Ho!

1. Cards Against Humanity. For the person who loves innuendos.

2. Fingerless gloves (or even a blanket). For the person who’s constantly cold.

3. A desk fan. For the person who’s constantly hot.

4. A recipe book. For the person who loves cooking! Do personalise it to their tastes, for example, healthy, baking or vegetarian recipe books.

5. An “I’m a TW*T” mug. For the tw*at of the office. Warning: this may offend.

6. A harmonica. For the hipster in the office (I know, totally random…)

7. Tiki mugs. For the trendy cocktail lover.

8. A Good Pub Guide. For the person who loves pubs.

9. An alarm clock. For the person who’s always late.

10. A Star Wars phone case. For Star Wars lovers.

11. A book of excuses. For the person who’s always “ill.”

12. A boss voodoo doll. For the person who hates the boss (keep this one on the down-low).

13. A personalised glass. Whether engraved or painted, a personalised glass to hold their choice of tipple (beer, wine, gin, shots…) will go down a treat.

14. A captain’s hat. For the boss.

15. A doggie jumper. For dog owners.

16. An emergency travel charger. For the person who constantly either runs out of battery or asks to borrow your phone charger.

17. [Insert Skill Here] For Dummies Handbook. For someone who’s into learning new skills.

18. A mug cosy. For the busy bee who struggles to get around to drinking their tea.

19. An inflatable “perfect” woman/man. For the fussy singleton.

20. A Hot Sauce keyring. For the person who needs a bit of spice with every meal.

21. An adult colouring book. For the arty person who needs to relax a bit more.

22. Star Wars tech decals. Oops, did I bring it back to Star Wars again..?

23. A handlebar coffee cup holder. For the cyclist who loves their caffeine kick in the morning.

24. A lump of coal. For the person who’s on your naughty list. (Bit harsh.)

25. A scratch world map. For the traveller.

26. Sports merchandise. For the avid sports fan.

27. A novelty watering can. For the keen gardener. (This one is cool).

28. A droid apron. (Last one I promise…)

29. A water infuser. For the person who drinks LOADS of water. These are really trendy at the moment!

30. Salt and pepper shakers. For the seasoning-fiend in your office. These are great.

Feel inspired?

You don’t have to go for the standard socks, alcohol or chocolate Secret Santa and stocking gifts (although they are all great things).

You can pick up most of these at pretty affordable prices – and look like you gave a little bit more thought to the gift (obviously choose something that suits the person)!

Recruiter Pro Tip

Not getting involved in Secret Santa this year? Why not?

The Christmas season is the perfect time for you to get to know your colleagues a little better and to have a bit of a laugh with them! (Without taking things too far).

  • Click here to find out why it’s a good idea to make friends at work.
  • Click here for some great ideas on how to celebrate Christmas at your office.
  • Click here to find out how NOT to impress at the Christmas party this season.

Above all else, have some fun!

If you’d like to read more lighthearted blog posts like this one, please feel free to sign up to our weekly blog updates – HERE.

Happy festive season!

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