The 5 Weirdest and Most Wonderful Christmas Jobs!

The 5 Weirdest and Most Wonderful Christmas Jobs!

santas in a workshop loading their sacks into machinesOffice-workers like myself look forward to Christmas, because it’s a great time to relax and put our feet up after a long year’s hard work…

Of course, for some, it’s like any other working week except you have to beg, borrow and bargain to get the days you want off.

And for others, it’s actually the busiest time of the year – (and we’re not just talking about retailers)!

An army of special seasonal workers conspire to make this the most magical time of year for everyone. Such jobs come around but once a year to spread the cheer for all to hear.

Here are five of the weirdest and most wonderful Christmas jobs that actually exist…

1. Reindeer Walker

Santa Claus walking with his reindeer in the woodPlenty of shops, garden centres and alike hire reindeer to bring in the younger crowd (and all those parents)…

So who do you think takes care of them? Father Christmas can’t be everywhere are once!

So ‘Reindeer Walkers’ are needed to  exercise, feed and look after the festive creatures.

That’s a pretty special job if you ask me.



2. Ice Rink Hand-Holder

On the run up to Christmas, temporary ice rinks are a popular addition in many city centres and literally anybody can strap on a pair of skates and hit the ice.

Unfortunately not everybody can actually skate.

So ‘Ice Marshalls’ have to go above and beyond simply handing out skates…

If you need a helping hand the ice rink hand-holders have specifically been hired to give you theirs!

I think I’ll just stick to dry, safe land thanks.

3. Father Christmas

Little girl with SantaOK, being Father Christmas isn’t a very odd job, but we can’t just leave him off the list!

Obviously the real Santa can’t be everywhere and he is one busy man- especially when he gets roped into writing guest blogs for us too…

So he’s had to get his band of Merry men to help out, donning the bright red suit and uncomfortable beard.

Shopping centres, garden centres all over, require not so secret Santas every year, so if you’re good with kids and can stay in character, then keep an eye on your local agency listings in November.

4. Harrods’ Window Dresser

Harrods start building their amazing Christmas window display in August and people come from far and wide to see it!

The good old London institution takes it’s festive responsibility very seriously, working tirelessly to create an epic spectacle.

If you’ve got a stunning idea for a winter wonderland, then you could get in touch now – you never know, you might find yourself working in one of the world’s retail hot-spots next year.

5. Christmas Tree Decorator

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 23: Decorating Christmas Tree in London on NOVEMBER 23, 2013. Workers Erected Big Christmas Tree in Front of Royal Exchange in London, United Kingdom.

We all love dressing the Christmas Tree, it’s one of those experiences that takes us back to childhood and gives us all that warm, fuzzy feeling…

But imagine if you had to do it again and again and again and again!

That might take a little of the magic out of the proceedings.

But this is a genuine job that some decide to take up every year – fair enough I suppose – rather them than me!

Interested in these weird and wonderful jobs?

Unfortunately, I’m afraid you’ve probably missed the boat this year for Christmas jobs, but there’s always 2016!

And Easter of course, if you’re interested in bunnies, eggs, chicks and chocolate.

Recruiter Pro Tip.

If you actually are looking for a new job right now, check out this week’s guest blog from renowned career adviser Dorothy Tannahill-Moran.

And check out our live jobs here. If you start applying now, you’ll at least beat the rush in January!

These are just a couple of the proactive things you could be doing to progress your career over the festive period.

I do hope that you enjoyed our festive blog – click here to subscribe!

Happy Friday!

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