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The Top 10 Friday Funnies, 2015

By Anthony Hughes | Jan 1, 2016 | Friday Funnies

cartoon of people at a party cheeringHappy New Year Folks!

I hope you’ve had a splendid year and are looking forward to great new things in 2016!

This week, I thought it’d be an appropriate time to take a look back at our blogs (whilst counting views, shares and subscribes) to work out which of our Friday Funnies you (our readers) found the funniest.

I’ve managed to whittle it down to 10 light-hearted favourites for you to re-visit at your leisure. Enjoy!

Number 1: Hilarious CVs

picture of a woman with some of the questions all around herBlog: 99 of the Funniest Things We’ve Seen On CVs

What’s worse? A CV filed wit speeling erros ad tyops…

Or one littered with crass statements like “I’m sick of working with w@nkers?”

We’ll let you decide…

Number 2: Annoying Co-workers

Man shouting 'what the hell is wrong with you people?'Blog: The 50 Most Annoying Office Habits (and a Plea to the Culprits…)

Do you have to bite your tongue at work due to your colleagues’ annoying office habits?

You’re not the only one.

But are you unknowingly annoying the rest of the office?

See for yourself with this blog about the 50 most annoying office habits…you might be unpleasantly surprised.

Number 3: Bamboozling Brainteasers

woman saying 'what' looking confusedBlog: The 10 Most Difficult Interview Brainteasers Ever Asked – Can You Answer Them?

We love to hate brainteasers.

They can be so frustrating, yet so satisfying (if you can actually get the right answer).

So in this blog, we challenge you to answer 10 of the most difficult (and frankly ridiculous) interview brainteasers ever asked of poor, unsuspecting candidates.

We definitely don’t recommend swiping these for your interviews!

Number 4: Horrible Bosses

1 in 2 employees have been bullied by their boss - have you?Blog: 10 Types of Horrible Bosses

Ever worked for a horrible boss? A real monster who took an instant dislike to and treated you with contempt? Coburg Banks - Recruitment Agency

We’ve broken down the 10 types of horrible bosses you’re likely to come across.

Sit back and laugh!

Number 5: LinkedIn Blunders

linkedin ridiculous picturesBlog: 33 of the Most Cringeworthy LinkedIn Blunders You’ll Ever See

LinkedIn is swiftly evolving into the go-to online platform for stalking potential employees.

Check out 33 of the most ridiculous and completely genuine LinkedIn fails we’ve stumbled across to date…have you made the list?

Number 6: Absurd Interviews

man answering that his weakness is scotch gambling and the boss's wifeBlog: The 30 Most Absurd Interview Answers Ever Given

What’s the most cringey thing that’s ever happened to you during an interview?

Now, imagine multiplying that embarrassment by (roughly) a thousand…

Number 7: Odd Jobs

man getting bitten by snakeBlog: 10 of the Strangest Jobs You’ll EVER Read About

If you’re curious about the strangest jobs in the world, here are just a few odd jobs for your amusement…

Pet food Tester, Teddy Bear Surgeon or Snake Milker!

Number 8: Crazy Job Applications

strange application form with marijuana dealer and nefarious dude on itBlog: 8 Of The Craziest Job Applications You’re Ever Likely To See

Sometimes, as a recruitment consultant, you just can’t help but think some applicants simply don’t want t job.

If they did, they certainly wouldn’t write some of the crazy things we’ve seen on CVs!

This blog reveals 8 of the craziest.

Number 9: Terrible Job Adverts

Job advert, saying 'Now Hiring, must have clue'Blog: 10 Of The Worst Job Adverts You’ll Ever See

Are you a master of ‘shutting your mouth’?

Do you have a ‘high-level of self-importance’? And are you completely alienated from family and social commitments?

Then we might just have a job for you.

Crybags need not apply.

Number 10: Ludicrous Interviewees

Blog: 91 Ludicrous Things That Candidates Have Said and Done in Interviews…

Britney Spears cringing on American IdolHave you ever had a terrible interview experience?

I’m not talking about fumbling a couple of questions…I’m talking about full-on, mind-blowing, ground-please-swallow-me-up-right-now mortification.

If so, the 91 poor candidates on this list, certainly feel your pain!

I wonder if they got the job…

Happy New Year From the Coburg Banks Team!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic a year and a well-deserved break this Christmas.

Recruiter Pro Tip.

January is the busiest time of the year for job-seekers and recruiters alike.

Everyone wants to start of the New Year on a high note and looking for a new career or hiring a bunch of new team members is the perfect way to do that.

If you’d like some advice or support then get in touch.

And of course, if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest Friday Funnies, click here to subscribe!

- Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes

Anthony is a recruitment veteran of 18 years and is also one of the original founders of Coburg Banks. He now trains recruitment consultants on the best methods to utilise when sourcing and assessing applicants for their clients. 


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