8 Brilliant Ways to Keep Warm in the Office

8 Brilliant Ways to Keep Warm in the Office

I am notorious for my hot blood in our office – in fact, it’s a fifty/fifty split.

Half of us are often way too hot, and half are often way too cold.

I, personally, am not too sure how they can be cold.

In fact, I purchased a thermometer to prove that it was not “freezing” in our office.

(It sits at about 22 degrees Celsius on average).

So, inspiration struck and I thought I’d share some of the ways our cold-blooded consultants keep warm in the chillier months of the year.


Extra Clothing

This is my most obvious go-to.

Quite often the people that are cold are sat in minimal clothing.

We’re talking trousers and a shirt/blouse, or the ladies tend to wear skirts.

I shouldn’t have to tell you – layer up!

Jackets, cardigans and jumpers weren’t made for no reason, so invest in one of the three.

You could also consider long johns, tights or thermal undershirts.


We have suddenly had a flurry of heaters appear in our office.

From when we arrive at 8:30am until 5:30pm, they’re switched on a full blast.

They must do the job as when they’re out the complaints of the chill seem to decline.

Just be wary that these could be a fire hazard.

You may need to get them signed off by certain people, such as someone in HR or Health and Safety first.

Finger-less gloves

Working in an office, we need to have our hands free to type and answer calls etc.

So, one of our consultants who gets cold hands, bought some finger-less gloves!

Yep, that’s right.

That means that whilst she’s keeping her hands snug and warm, she’s still able to type and write and do other tasks too.



We have a few people that wrap their legs up in a small blanket whilst they’re working.

I’ve even seen someone using their scarf as a blanket, too.

If you get cold legs then you should definitely consider this one.

Although, I must tell you: don’t bring in a duvet.

Small, snug blankets are fine since working in an office you’ll be tucked under the desk anyway.

But – let’s be honest – duvets are going to get in the way.

Hot water bottle

If you’ve got access to a kettle or hot water at work, this is a good one.

You can sit, unnoticed, with your hot water bottle close by.

It’s actually a really satisfying source of heat.

However, for those of you who suffer with cold hands and feet, this one probably isn’t the best option.

In fact, I think it can sometimes make the cold feel colder.

Giant slipper

This, I didn’t know existed.

The other day, one of our consultants (who is often “freezing”) came in with what looked to be a giant’s slipper.

Only, it was just a giant slipper.

One big, huge slipper instead of two – to stick your feet in whilst you’re sat in one place.

It’s pretty funny to see actually.

You can get one for yourself here.


Nothing warms you up like getting the blood flow going in your body.

I have to say this: please take care for health and safety’s sake.

One great way to kick-start the ticker is to go up and down the stairs a few times.

You’ll probably want to put the fan on when you get back to your desk!

Or, if you don’t feel like going up and down the stairs, give these deskercises a go.

Hot drinks

The final idea on our list.

A hot beverage!

I love a good cup of coffee when I’m cold – it warms the soul from the inside.

The only problem with this is that when you get to the end then you’ll soon feel the cold again.


Hopefully you’re not “freezing” at work, but if you are then I hope these help.

And if you are cold, maybe come to an agreement on who gets control of the heating.

By the way, another great idea is to combine a few of these ideas to keep all areas of your body warm.

Maybe just don’t go the extra mile and wear your wooly hat…

Happy Friday!

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