30 (Fantastic) Ways to Procrastinate When You're Bored at Work

30 (Fantastic) Ways to Procrastinate When You’re Bored at Work

As the summer holidays draw to a close, all of the holidays are out of the way and it’s back to work.

Plus, the weather has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. There’s only one way to feel right now: unmotivated.

Whilst you may be in denial about it, it’s the case for many professionals.

So, what’s the best way to face your lack of motivation head on?


Turns out that procrastinating actually helps you get back on track. Don’t believe me? Find out more here.

Anyway, I fully support this theory. I find that procrastinating when I need a bit of a boost really helps, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to procrastinate.

That’s why I’ve put together this infographic, full of thirty great ideas to help you out.


 30 (Fantastic) Ways to Procrastinate When You're Bored at Work infographic

What do you think? Have we crossed everything off?

If you think we’re missing a way or two then feel free to let us know how you procrastinate in the comments below. You can also reach out to us on Twitter.

By the way, if you fancy procrastinating by reading more of our Friday Funnies, here are some suggestions:

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Happy Friday!

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