Workplace Romances Are More Common Than You'd Think

Workplace Romances Are More Common Than You’d Think [Guest Infographic]

Workplace Romances Are More Common Than You'd Think

Should you mix business with pleasure?

Workplace romances happen all the time and people often seek workplace companionship to subdue the mundane office life.

Of course, these flings and relationships are more common in some industries than others (find out which professions in the infographic below).

Be sure to check out the infographic by Market Inspector that details key facts about workplace romance in the UK and tips to manage it effectively.

Anatomy of Workplace Romance


Thanks for the infographic Dimitris!

If you are considering a workplace relationship, rest assured that (with the facts from the infographic above) you’re not the only one doing it…

And although you may hear warnings “not to mix business and pleasure” things could work out beautifully! Don’t believe everything you hear.

If you’d like a balanced look at the pros and cons of an office romance – check out our very own infographic on the topic!

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