The 6 Worst Things About Christmas

The 6 Worst Things About Christmas

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. (In fact, I have been ridiculed by my colleagues for my Christmas-ness before!)

But unfortunately, people start planning Christmas way before Halloween has even been and gone, and because of that, in me at least, the Christmas spirit just doesn’t seem to go very far.

And we hardly ever get white Christmases these days.


Anyway, besides that, there are six really big things that get to me about Christmas, so here they are:

1. The Songs

“It’s beginning to look a lot like…”

Blah, blah, blah.

Yes, it’s great when the Christmas songs first start playing and you’re walking around feeling the Christmas vibes everywhere you go.

But unfortunately – and this is probably because we seem to start so early these days (November…) – after a while, the same old songs going round and round and round in my head do start to get a little bit irritating.

In fact, even typing the first sentence of this section has set me off again.

It’s only 1st December people, calm down…

The 6 Worst Things About Christmas

2. The Money

I think we can all agree that people have really started setting the bar high for gifts in recent years.

Whatever happened to an orange, socks and selection boxes?  [Yes, I was brought up in Yorkshire…!]

Or even advent calendars where the only thing behind the window was a festive picture?

Is it really necessary to spend so much money on each other?

Where’s the true meaning of Christmas gone?

Obviously it’s great to see the little ones getting excited about waking up to see if Santa has been, but after the 5th present, you must notice the eyes starting to glaze over..?

To me, spending time with your close relatives and friends and being merry together is worth a lot more than the amount I spend on gifts!

3. The Weather

At the time I am writing this it is four degrees Celsius.

Just four.

That’s near freezing! (We’re going to the Christmas markets tonight… it’s going to be a chilly one.)

And with the icy weather, the office politics come into play… portable heaters get turned on, windows get opened, air con is used as a weapon… (sorry, I digress).

Thing is, it’s hard to be productive in the mornings when they’ve just come into the office from silly temperatures.

4. The Overeating

It’s December, that means in most people’s minds right now January is a whole other planet.

That gym body?

You don’t need it until next summer.

And with this denial in mind, people splash out on food; indulging in meals, cakes, sweets, chocolates or whatever else left, right and centre.

We’re all victims to the December month of overeating, and it’s one of those things we just can’t avoid.

5. The Decorations

I’m a huge fan of Christmas lights, I love browsing the displays as I’m driving down the road, but putting them up yourself?

Someone save me.

It’s so difficult to get them exactly where you want them, and when you do you just compare yours to everyone else’s so you’re never actually content.

Not to mention the hassle of getting the tree, the trimmings and all the other decorations out just to put them back away again.

And real trees?

Those pines wouldn’t stay put if I were to Superglue them.

But it’s worth it for the month of Christmas joy, right?

The 6 Worst Things About Christmas

6. The Ending

To end on a slightly more positive note, the worst thing about Christmas is when it ends.

It’s all over, this big build up just for a day.

The Christmas buzz, joy and happiness, is all just gone and done with for another year overnight.

Not to mention taking down the tree…

The 6 Worst Things About Christmas


I’m glad that’s off my chest, honestly.

I do actually really enjoy the festive season, and now my inner Grinch has been released I’m ready to embrace it with open arms.

We’ve got a good few blogs lined up for the December month so keep your eye out for them.

If you can’t wait until then, feel free to catch up on some of our other Friday Funnies:

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Psst. did you open your advent calendar today?

Happy holidays!

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1 year ago

I can definately relate to this. Yes, I’m only 12, but I’ve felt all of it before. This was a pleasure to read. Thanks.