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50 Famous Quotes to Inspire You Today

Who inspires YOU?

Family? Friends? Disney characters..?

Inspiration can be gained from the most peculiar (and un-peculiar) of sources…

Hopefully, this week’s post will be one of them!

Posted on Sep 17, 2015

10 Inspiring Blogs To Help Boost Your Career

The internet is overcrowded with so-called ‘experts’ offering career advice…

Can you really trust them all? No – of course not!

But that’s OK – we’ve done the hard work for you and tracked down 10 reputable and inspiring career blogs that are genuinely worth subscribing to.

Posted on Sep 15, 2015

10 Reputable Blogs That All HR Managers Should Be Subscribed To

Personal development is vital in every profession… can you honestly say that you know everything there is to know about HR, recruitment or management?

Of course, it’s sometimes hard to find honest (free) resources to fuel your learning, when the web is full of so-called “experts” spouting utter nonsense!

So we’ve compiled a list of reputable blogs to steer you in the right direction.

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

Post-Holiday Blues: The 10 Worst Things About Returning to Work

Isn’t it exciting?

When you leave work knowing that you’ll soon be somewhere exotic, sipping on a cocktail and catching some rays, without a worry in the world for a while?

But then, as quick as a flash!!! It’s all over… your alarm clock is ringing angrily in your ear and you’re acutely aware that your first day back at work has arrived.

Cue, the post-holiday blues!

Posted on Sep 9, 2015

8 Snackable Superfoods to Supercharge Your Brainpower!

Do you sometimes feel like you need a quick pick-me-up at work?

Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay motivated, inspired and productive?

Introducing, 8 simple, snack-able and scrumptious superfoods that will help you to banish that 3pm slump and get your work done faster, with less effort!

Superfoods to the rescue!

Posted on Sep 8, 2015

30 Interview Questions, Pinched from the World’s Most Successful Businesses 

Ever wondered how super-successful businesses, became so super-successful?

Probably NOT by hiring mediocre staff…

This week we’re revealing and evaluating 30 genuine interview questions, asked by 10 business giants (like Google, Chevron and Ford)!

Want to learn to interview like the Fortune 500?

Posted on Sep 8, 2015

The 25 Weirdest Job-Hunt Stunts Candidates Have Pulled (To Get Noticed)!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to impress a hiring manager?

Have you ever pulled a creative and unforgettable stunt – like sending your CV via Mad Hatter or turning up to the interview in a clown costume?

The goons on our list did make a splash, but not always for the right reason!

Posted on Sep 3, 2015

8 Things You MUST Learn About the Company, Before a Job Interview

“What do you know about the company?”

If the answer is nothing, then you really are setting yourself up for an (embarrassing) fall.

Uncover the 8 key company facts on our list, however, and you’re guaranteed to position yourself as a cut above the rest.

Posted on Sep 2, 2015

14 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re A Bad Boss.

We have ALL had a bad boss at some point in our career.

(The sexist, the bully, the idiot…)

But have you ever wondered what your employees say about YOU?

If you recognise any of the traits in this week’s blog, you may be a horrible boss!

Posted on Sep 1, 2015

10 Of The Worst Hires In History.

Have your company ever hired an employee who just failed spectacularly?

We’ve all got that one horror story; an employee, who seemed ultra-friendly, impressed during the interview and passed all of the employment checks…

…yet turned into a complete nightmare.

Just be thankful that you didn’t end up with any of the 10 chumps!

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

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