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Candidate Tips

Will ethics play a part with your next career choice?

A few years ago with bills to pay and career options thin on the ground, I swallowed my ethics to take a job managing the marketing of a subprime financial company. The business in question specialised in a product called a logbook loan. I must admit to not really understanding the whole revolting business of subprime lending before […]

Posted on Oct 7, 2014
Attracting Staff

The Recruitment Process: 6 Common Mistakes

Recruiting the people that will really make a difference in your business can be a daunting process for many with companies and individuals still frequently making the same mistakes in the recruitment process.   If avoided, they would have a far better greater chance of success. I’ve listed the top six common mistakes made in the recruitment […]

Posted on Sep 16, 2014
Candidate Tips

20 Questions you should never ask in an interview

The interview has gone well, you’ve answered all the questions and even made the interview panel laugh. Now comes the question most people dread: “Do you have any questions for us?” You would think that this fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how much candidates know about the company, the industry, work ethic and just how interested […]

Posted on Sep 10, 2014
Friday Funnies

5 bits of recruitment technology that changed everything

I was trying to explain to a bewildered young member of staff the other day how I studied at Uni without the option of the internet.  I explained that back in the early Nineties I conducted all my research at the library and not via Google which didn’t arrive until 1998. And even by the […]

Posted on Sep 5, 2014
Candidate Tips

The Pros and Cons of working from home

I remember as a young lad in the Eighties, watching the fabulous Maggie Philbin on Tomorrow’s World as she spoke passionately about the advent of home computers. She was predicting that because of these little technological miracles, not only would the future see all our household chores performed by robots, but the office as we […]

Posted on Sep 5, 2014
Staff Retention

How long should you give an underperformer? – Part 1

As a manager, one of the most challenging issues you will ever have to tackle is how to deal with an employee who you class as an underperformer. I don’t think I have ever worked anywhere where there isn’t an ‘underperformer’ somewhere in my midst.  And before you ask; no it wasn’t me, well not […]

Posted on Aug 9, 2014
Candidate Tips

Do Not Make the Same CV Mistakes!

According to a recently published survey, job seekers are ruining their chances of securing dream jobs because of basic CV mistakes and errors. The National Careers service has revealed that the most common CV mistakes were basic spelling and grammar errors, followed by the CV not being tailored towards the specific role. So if u […]

Posted on Jun 16, 2014
Candidate Tips

Time Management: more than just a fancy Filofax?

It is the year 2000 (the distant past) and a time when I was still finding my professional feet. I found myself working  in a business where the direction was rudderless at best and a place where sending you on a course seemed to be the solution to all the problems that management faced. I […]

Posted on May 29, 2014

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