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Brainteaser Answer 1

By Mark Wilkinson | Dec 16, 2014 | Staff Retention

A Petri Hard Puzzle

Answer 1: 12.59 pm

This little cheeky brainteaser depends on a tendency to over-think the question.

You really don’t need to consider the ins and outs of bacteria, half-life and decay; you just need to work backwards and use a little bit of common sense!

At 1 pm the dish is full. If bacteria doubles every minute, then one minute earlier, the dish must have been half full. Bob’s your uncle; the dish was half-full at 12.59 pm!

- Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson

Mark is one of the founders of Coburg Banks and heads up the permanent recruitment division of the business.  Every day he helps companies with their recruitment projects, sourcing the very best individuals for their vacancies.  He understands recruitment inside-out.

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