Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All

Christmas Confessions: HR Professionals Reveal The Worst Complaints They’ve Ever Received

People who work in HR really do have to be strong-minded, empathetic and professional.

They also need to know how to keep a straight face when approached by ludicrous complaints and requests.

I mean seriously, what would YOU say if someone approached you with one of the following…


Complaint #1: Julian works too hard.

Complaint #2: I hate that Jeff’s better than me at my job.

Complaint #3: I think my client is in love with Jenna.

Complaint #4: She has the same name as me.

Complaint #5: I’m friends with her brother.

Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All.


Complaint #6: I brought in some homemade brownies and Jake took 2.

Complaint #7: Someone stole a doughnut from my desk. I demand that you look at the CCTV to find out who it was.

Complaint #8: I’m pretty sure Jackson is trying to poison me.

Complaint #9: Jaden made everyone tea but he never put sugar in mine and I’ve reminded him loads of times.

Complaint #10: She doesn’t even drink alcohol, what’s that about?

Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All.

Personality Clashes

Complaint #11: Jacob keeps mimicking the Count from Sesame Street as he counts the inventory.

Complaint #12: I can’t stand sitting next to Jan. She isn’t a vegetarian and she literally smells like meat.

Complaint #13: Josh isn’t accepting my Facebook friendship request.

Complaint #14: Josephine keeps changing my profile picture to Macaulay Culkin and telling everyone that I love him.

Complaint #15: She’s just the most boring person I’ve ever met, it’s ruining the mood in the office.

Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All.

Just Bizarre

Complaint #16: I think Jason might be a pimp.

Complaint #17: Julie’s aura is wrong.

Complaint #18: I keep hearing scratching noises from Joel’s booth.

Complaint #19: Jasper’s body is magnetic and keeps de-activating my magnetic access card.

Complaint #20: Jemima spends too much time caring for stray cats around the building.

Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All.

Hygiene and General Appearance

Complaint #21: Jed is too sun-tanned.

Complaint #22: James smells like road ramps.

Complaint #23: Jess is just too attractive. It’s distracting.

Complaint #24: John breathes too loudly. It makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

Complaint #25: Jane keeps scratching her head all day. I’m pretty sure she has nits or rabies or something.

Christmas confessions: HR Professionals Spill All.


Do you see what I mean now? I can’t even begin to imagine complaining because someone has the same name as me!

Unfortunately, there are people out there that are just a bit too picky, and those people are probably best taken with a pinch of salt… (They could make things difficult!)

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(P.S. Merry belated Christmas!)

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