Top 5 Recruitment Blogs of September 2017

The Top 5 Recruitment Blog Posts: October 2017

Top 5 Recruitment Blogs of September 2017

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ll know that we take a great deal of time curating and sharing some of the best content we find on a daily basis.

Of course, most of us are so busy with our day jobs that it’s impossible to keep on top of all of them.

So I had a thought the other day… why not do a regular recruitment round-up of the best blogs we’ve come across, each month?

So, that’s what we’re doing.

Drum roll please!

So, we’ve got a fantastic round up of October’s best blogs (in our opinion) and you’re in for a real treat.

These blogs have consistently provided great information about recruitment this month. I highly recommend having a browse.

5. How to Fire Someone You Actually Care About

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It’s only human to care about your employees. Especially if you’ve spent a long time at a company and worked your way through the ranks.

Of course, this can make things really difficult when it comes to negative feedback, disciplinary procedures and of course in the worst case scenario, letting people go.

So if you find yourself in such a (horrible) position, it’s important to do things right and try and end things on a positive note.

This blog post from The Daily Muse will help you to do just that.

Who they are

“The Daily Muse is the daily publication of The Muse, offering expert career guidance for your career goals.”

Why not have a read of their other content?:

4. 8 Spooky Pranks to Play on Co-Workers

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We had to include at least one Halloween blog post – it’s October after all. And Social Talent really made this one stand out for us!

Who doesn’t want ideas on pranks you can play on your co-workers? (Especially those who really grind your gears!)

Even if you’re not going to do them, it’s fun to imagine, anyway.

Who they are

“SocialTalent is more than just a company. It started with an idea, the vision of two guys who believed they could make people happier by changing the way people work while getting better results.

This vision has quickly become a reality across the world, where learning, amplified by automation and software, is changing how people work; making people happier and companies more successful.”

Why not have a read of their other content?:

3. 10 Simple Ways to Build Collaboration

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Too often these days, people focus so much on their own personal development and forget how to work with others.

And it’s not often that you come across a sincere post about working as a collective, rather than singularly.

Entrepreneur really hit the nail on the head with this post though, clearing out the cobwebs with 10 steps to cultivate team cohesion.

Who they are

“Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Home of Entrepreneur magazine.”

Why not have a read of their other content?:

2. 5 Toxic Elements That May Be Destroying Your Company Culture

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Feel like the atmosphere in your office is dragging everyone down?

There’s probably a reason, and this blog post really helps to pinpoint what could be turning your company culture toxic.

As a manager it’s your place to ensure the happiness of your staff – so why not take some of the advice from and review where your business may be flawed.

(It could be something you’re not expecting!)

Who they are

“ drives top talent to companies that want to hire them. Our Job Market distributes open jobs from employers to the largest network of recruiters on the planet.

Our centralized platform serves as a single point of contact for job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers.”

Why not have a read of their other content?:

1. 10 Candidates Every Recruiter Will Encounter

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First place goes to this fantastic blog post by Rule Recruitment.

Need a bit of a mental break? This blog post is definitely for you.

It takes the stressful conversations us recruiters have and turns those situations into something to laugh about.

And do you know why we laugh? Because it’s completely true!

We understand the struggles of dealing with “The Keen Bean” and others too on a day to day basis!

Who they are

“We place the best professionals into the best recruitment and sales jobs at the world’s leading organisations. For more than a decade,our energy and industry knowledge has attracted the most talented graduates and experts.We guide ambitious people into exciting careers.”

Why not have a read of their other content?:


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Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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