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Our fees are 23% of remuneration, capped at the beginning of the project, totally guaranteed.

Our fees are 23% of remuneration, capped at the beginning of the project, totally guaranteed.

Our pricing

How we protect you, our client.

Recruitment agencies have a reputation for putting their own interests first.  We don’t.  Ever.  And to ensure that you receive the highest levels of service and protection from Coburg Banks, we do three things for you:


Our pricing

1. We cap our fees.

Recruitment agencies are often criticised for inflating a candidate’s salary to boost their own fee.  We don’t agree with that practice.

So, at the beginning of any project we work on, we agree a sensible remuneration package for the role you’re looking to recruit.  That allows us to then calculate the maximum fee you’ll pay for hiring that person through us.

So, even if you have the pay the successful candidate more than agreed at the outset, our fee is capped at the agreed figure.

To protect you even further, should you decide to pay the candidate less than agreed at the beginning of the project, we’ll recalculate our fee accordingly so you don’t lose out.

Our pricing

2. We guarantee every placement.

Why should you lose out if your new hire turns out to be a bad apple?  You won’t.

From time to time, some of our clients hire a candidate that simply isn’t suitable.  It happens to us too.  So, in the event that it happens to you in the first three months of their employment, we offer a cast-iron guarantee:

Initially we’ll try and replace the person for you, at no charge, for a period of four weeks, and if we can’t find someone right for you in that time, you’ll qualify for our rebate scheme.

Our pricing

3. No hire, no fee.

You won’t have to pay a penny for anyone you recruit through Coburg Banks until they start working for you.

Candidates will on occasion reject a job offer, but in the event that they do, we’d love the opportunity to re-fill the role for you and you won’t be charged until the eventual hire starts working for you.

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