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Since 2002, we’ve helped hundreds of UK companies to recruit the very best IT contractors, quickly. With access to the best IT candidates, guaranteed 48 hour turnaround and brilliant recruitment results. Experience it for yourself:

  • Find great staff.

    We know the industry inside-out & have access to the best IT job boards, CV databases & an extensive network so we will find the best person for you.

  • Save time.

    Because we know where the best IT contractors look for jobs, we’ll be able to quickly find the best hires, saving you time for more important things.

  • Save money.

    Together, we’ll agree & cap our fee from day 1, so you’ll pay no more (you could pay less) than that, regardless of the salary you end up offering a candidate.

"Coburg Banks are brilliant at sourcing IT contractors, there’s no other way of saying it! We’ve used them time and again, often at short notice, to find some highly skilled people, and they’ve never disappointed. Their knowledge of the sector and ability to pinpoint fantastic people, should make your decision to work with them a no-brainer."


We help our clients recruit brilliant IT contractors. It's as simple as that. And we'd like to help you too.

Expert advice & consultancy.

Unlike mediocre IT recruitment agencies, our consultants don't just take orders; they'll consult with you throughout the process, using their first-hand industry knowledge to advise you on what will and won’t work for your business, ensuring that you find the right person.

Total peace of mind.

You’ll also be entitled to our no-hire, no fee promise as well as our 3 month replacement and rebate scheme, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing that in the unlikely event that a new hire doesn't work out, you’re completely covered.

Ongoing customer care.

We want everything to go smoothly with your new recruit, so our Customer Care Team will offer continued support while they settle in, ironing out any potential issues that might arise; a service that other IT recruitment agencies seldom offer.

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