10 Office Gadgets You'll Wish You Owned!

Sick of people using your mug at work? There's a gadget for that! Plagued by bad posture, back and neck pain? There's a gadget for that! Want to procrastinate free from the fear of getting caught? There's a gadget for that! Check them all out in this week's Friday Funny!

June 20, 2023

I came to a realisation the other day; my desk is a bit boring.

As a bit of a minimalist, I’d always kept it very neat, tidy and organised, but I do admit it’s lacked an element of fun – so I decided to change that.

I went in search of a fun and quirky new office gadget to make things a little bit more personal.

And whilst searching, I came across some great ideas, so I’m sharing those with you today.

Some might help you to be more productive… some probably won’t.

1. The Desktop Aquarium.

Did you know that aquariums can actually boost your health?

Seriously, watching fish swim around will soothe and de-stress your mind – and as an added bonus, will make you more productive…

Can’t be trusted to remember to feed your new desk pets?

Perhaps a fake fish aquarium would be more up your street..? (It’s certainly cheaper.)

2. A Clip-On Mirror.

Whether you’re a boss who needs to watch out for procrastinating employees or a procrastinating employee who needs to watch out for the boss, these cheap and cheerful desk mirrors will reveal exactly what’s going on around you.

And they come in a variety of colours too!

3. A USB Typewriter.

This one’s for those of you who have a slightly bigger budget.

The USB typewriter is cool, retro, unique - and probably utterly pointless.

4. A Posture Monitor.

Are you prone to back-ache? Do you find yourself slumping and slouching at work?

Check out this article about the latest wearable technologies for improving your posture.

Remember, the healthier you are, the more productive you will be – and you may not feel bad now, but think about the future!

5. Cable Drops.

Is your desk completely tangled up with wires? These handy little ties will keep everything nice and neat and tidy…

They’re also an absolute bargain!

Of course, you could always go for something a little more posh like this…

Organise your desk; organise your mind.

6. A Desk Organiser.

Not just any old desk organiser, one of these special, snazzy ones…

I personally love the Tetris one – which will also add a splash of colour to your environment.

7. Food and Drink Temperature Controllers.

How annoying is it when you make yourself a brew and completely forget about it until it has gone cold? There’s a coaster for that…

What about when your can of pop goes lukewarm? There’s a mini-fridge for that…

And what about those times when you want to bring in a warm snack or lunch, but don’t want to have to use the microwave? There’s a brown bag for that…

Any food and drink crisis averted!

8. A Privacy Filter.

Does it annoy you when a certain nosy co-worker keeps staring at your screen? (Even when you’re not doing anything bad, it can be frustrating)!

Buy a privacy filter…

You’ll be able to see everything, but no one else (peering from the side) will!

Warning: you might look a little bit suspicious if you buy this, let’s be honest.

9. The Plug Mug.

Ever get sick of people using your mug? No more!

Remove your plug when the mug goes in the cupboard or dishwasher and no one will be able to use it! Re-plug it up when you want a drink yourself!

I wonder what health and safety would say about this..?

10. Floating Globes.

This is another one of those pretty useless, but very cool office gadgets.

Could get a little bit distracting.

BONUS: Eric the Elephant.

In case you’re wondering what I decided to buy in the end, I chose…

(I know – I went wild, right?)

An elephant never forgets – and now neither will I!

Seriously though…

Ok, so some of these weird and wacky gadgets are a little bit extreme, but you would be surprised how simply brightening up your working environment could genuinely improve your output.

For example, did you know that the colour yellow increases productivity? As do plants!

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Happy days!

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