23 Of the World's Most Creative CVs!

Is your idea of CV creativity changing the font from Calibri to Verdana? Do the 'creative' CVs you receive get put straight into the recycling bin? Have you ever considered creating a Video CV to land your perfect job? The 23 outrageously entertaining creative CVs on our list should give you something to think about!

June 20, 2023

So... I may have been a little bit unfair a couple of weeks ago.

I ridiculed and then named and shamed 23 so-called 'creative' cover letters that made everyone here at Coburg Banks cringe, shudder and giggle.

In fact, my supposed distaste for creative recruitment didn't end there - in a recent blog I also told hiring managers off for being too creative with their job adverts and may even have highlighted the ten worst culprits...

But don't get me wrong...there definitely is a time and a place for the more creative CV, done right.

So, to make amends, this week I've compiled a list of the 23 most creative and absolutely fantastic CVs I've ever seen (I can't promise they won't make you cringe, but they're certainly entertaining)!


1. "Please Hire Me!"

This creative little video CV from Erin Michael Vondrak is really quite charming and the chorus is very catchy. (It's still stuck in my head!)

Favourite lyric: 'I don't have gingivitis and I don't have lice.'

Unfortunately, she didn't get the job; you're missing out Valve!

2. Oh My! Its Oona!

Bravo Oona; your creative CV shows off your personality and definitely brings a cheerful smile to the face.


Of course Oona is an 'artist for hire' and graphic designer so it helps that her sketching skills are fantastic.

3. Here's how to get Pixar's attention

Brian Moose created an incredible movie reel CV.

It was specifically dedicated to a role that Pixar had at the time, which he was thoroughly interested in.

Whilst the reel did include his CV, it also included sketches pointing towards his experience and his thoughts for the future of Pixar.

I'd hire him on the spot!

4. Chocolate Sells!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - sweet treats like chocolate and cakes sell!

Hopefully the quality of chocolate complimented the candidate's creativity (it would be unfortunate to blow it all with subpar cocoa!)

5. "Play On."

I must admit, after a couple of minutes, this video does get a little bit tedious - but it's such a fantastic idea and has so much potential!

And - everyone loves LEGO (except when it's getting stuck in their feet!)

If you're ever considering applying for LEGO then this is certainly the way to go!

6. Got Chemistry?

Chemistry Banter!

7. "Idea Machine, Dawn Siff..."

Warning: don't listen to this creative CV more than three times - it becomes unbearable.

Particularly the line: "Idea-Machine Dawn Siff!"

Like an annoying tune that you just can't get out of your head; it's certainly memorable, but perhaps not in a good way...

8. Resume - The Reckoning...

Do you like scary movies? Joe Kelso certainly does!

Best Line: "Watch in horror as he unleashes his dastardly skills!"

9. The Interactive Video CV.

What impresses me most about this video CV is that after a brief introduction, Graeme lets you choose what you want to find out next with fun sections: 'About Me,' 'Portfolio,' 'Skills,' 'Timeline' and 'Contact.'

I can travel through his entire life story, in whichever order I please and skip to the important bits which are marked by big red dots on the timeline.

How very organised of you Graeme!

He's also got a very calming presence and (although the video could send me to sleep) comes across as a genuinely nice guy!

10. Creative Pain Relief.

This little gem is outrageously clever!

Think about it; if you received a box of prescription medication through your front door, what would you do?

Even if the name on the front wasn't yours, you'd at least take a sneaky little peak.

The content's not bad either (click here to check it out for yourself!)

"What Jon Ryder contains... Jon Ryder belongs to a group of medicines know as Creative Professionals. These medicines have been formulated to work on client briefs by increasing the flow of ideas through the system. The active ingredients in Jon Ryder are creativity, originality and typing. Together, they form a powerful painkiller that works by eradicating stress that naturally occurs in agencies during busy times."

This really is a highly effective way of getting someone to actually start reading your CV.

11. Karaoke CV!

Rhyming lyrics, acoustic guitar, 'yeah-yeahs' and slow motion walking...what more can you ask for from a creative video CV?

Favourite Lyric: "So pencil in some notes oh you better, this ain't your cliché cover letter.'

It certainly isn't Alec!

12. Cereal-y Funny!

Fun, vibrant and creative, this cereal box CV really exciting. It would certainly catch our attention.

Victor Rodriguez, the creator, managed to squeeze in all of his skills and experience in the nutritional information table, for example...Innovative: 58% of your daily value (click here to see the whole box).

Unfortunately, he used one of those dreadful recruitment buzzwords "dynamic" and managed to spell it wrong (dinamic)...awkward.

Recruiter Pro Tip. Every day CVs are rejected because of spelling errors and terrible clichés. These mistakes could easily be avoided; check your work thoroughly OR if you don't trust yourself - get someone else to check it for you! Lecture over. (To find out other easily-avoidable CV mistakes, read our recent blog post: 20 Reasons Why Your CV Will Be Rejected.)

We still salute you for your effort though Victor!

13. "This is My Girlfriend"

This video might confuse you a little bit at first because the person who created it - Miguel Durao - is not in fact, the woman who features in it.

What's she got to do with anything then?

Well - that would spoil the ending!

Needless to say - he got the job!

14. What Did I Say???

Chocolate sells!

It probably has something to do with those lovely endorphins that rush through the body...your potential employer will certainly have nothing but happy thoughts about your CV!

PS. If you ever happen to interview with us...a box of chocolates would quite literally, go down a treat! Just saying.

15. Just Charming.

This video CV is not necessarily funny, whacky or weird - it's just great.

If you want some genuine creative inspiration, but don't want to go too far (perhaps your musical talents aren't up to standard?) then use this charming video as a guide.

The music makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

16. Comic CV.

If you want a job in manga, I suppose it helps to exhibit manga on your CV and Mike certainly does that!



Have you got any creative skills that you could show off with a creative CV?

They don't even necessarily have to be aimed at the job role, but if you talk about how you're a keen illustrator - prove it!

You must admit that this CV is pretty unforgettable?

17. Confessions of a Workaholic...

This video mimics one of those sad, confessional videos about drug abuse but this candidate has a different, just as serious kind of addiction...he is addicted to working to hard!

Although slightly controversial, James shamelessly plays on our curiosity and it's hard not to be taken in with his compelling words and the eerie background music!

Cheeky, but I like it!

18. Winning the Game.

Bright, nicely designed and guaranteed to get opened (would you ignore a big box that got posted through your door?)

It also adds a little entertaining twist - I can have fun AND find out more about you! Fabulous!

The only thing you would need to consider is whether your potential employer would actually take the time to play the game...

19. The Interview.

Alex is certainly impressive in this self-interview that reveals everything we need to know about her in a funny and enthusiastic way.

Unlike some CV videos, it's almost impossible to get bored and I was genuinely interested in what she had to say!

She's certainly not camera shy!

20. What Appears When YOU Google Yourself?

Want a creative CV, without the hassle? Eric's Google search template could be right up your street!

Printed or sent via email, it humorously indicates that the only result to appear on Google when you search "creative, hardworking, talented, excellent designer, unique and autodidactic" is his very own CV.

Clever - right?

Unfortunately, the rest of the CV doesn't really live up to it's edgy, creative design.

We still love it though!

21. Watch His Hair...

This wouldn't be a Friday Funny if we didn't include some weird and wonderful examples of weird and wonderful people!

Eric is fantastic, funny and charismatic. That doesn't exactly mean that I would hire him...

Best Line: "My hair can grow 4564 times faster than the normal human being - if I want it to."

You'll be surprised to hear that this creative CV video helped Eric to get 2 separate jobs; one in sales and one in content development for a media firm!

22. Skip this section if you're easily offended...

Yet again - a 'creative' candidate has managed to make me speechless... (you'd think I'd be used to this by now).

I warned you.

23. Good Luck Beating this One.

Robby Leonardi's CV game is by far the best I've ever seen.

Click here to interactively travel through 4 levels of his life, in the form of a platform game.

It's fun, it's ingenious and it certainly captured my attention.

But I'll let you have a look for yourself...


Rounding Up.

I think you'll agree that, despite my cynicism, there is a place in the world for creative CVs.

You probably won't be shocked to learn that most of the above examples come from copywriters, designers, digital marketers and artists - all striving to stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.

Recruiter Pro Tip On the hunt for creative staff for your business? Candidates like those highlighted above are hard to find and when you do, chances are you're going to have to try very hard to keep them engaged and happy. Often snapped up by innovative tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, you've got some stiff competition to finding and keeping those staff for yourselves. For more advice on how to attract creative employees, check out our blog highlighting 3 secrets to writing a great job advert - from a creative copywriter's point of view! It's certainly not easy, but it can be done!

Happy Friday and Have a Lovely Weekend!

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