3 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look More Confident

At Coburg Banks, one of our key tasks is to coach job-seekers to appear (and hopefully feel) more confident in interviews. But the advice we offer applies to everyday life too. So if YOU could do with a bit of a confidence boost - this blog's for you!

June 20, 2023

Are you quiet, shy or introverted? Does the thought of talking to other people make you anxious?

Are high-pressure situations (like job interviews) the bane of your life?

You (really) are not alone.

At Coburg Banks, we come across anxious people all the time and it’s our job to coach them to appear more confident for interviews – and in general life.

So this week, I’ve pulled together my top 3 (easy) tips for doing just that!

And, the best thing about “faking” confidence, is that after enough practice, it will actually help you to be more confident.

1. Use Your Body!

So - your internal voice is screaming at you to run and panic… that doesn’t mean you have to show it on the outside!

In fact, with just a few tweaks to your posture and by ditching your nervous habits, you can come across as chilled, relaxed and ready for anything.

Practice your ‘power-pose’ – confident, wide postures that fill the space around you (don’t nervous people often attempt to shrink themselves).

Recruiter Pro Tip. Here’s how to make your body language ooze confidence…
  • Stand up straight, head held high, with your chin level and your face pointing forward.
  • Keep good eye contact - don’t stare at the floor!
  • Don’t make any sudden movements…
  • Give a good, firm handshake.
  • Sit up straight (no slouching) and be still (no fidgeting).
For more advice on interview body language – click here.

Now, there are certain things that you won’t be able to stop like those irritating shakes and tremors, but that’s OK, most people won’t notice if you’re body language is strong.

2. Smile (Naturally).

You can do all of the above and more to appear confident, but if you’ve got a grimace, frown or scowl on your face, then you’re going to give the game away!

Smiles are pretty hard to fake!

Think positive thoughts, chat and make a joke (if it’s appropriate) to bring a real, genuine smile to your face.

Failing that, keep ALL fake smiles toned down - you need to come across natural and friendly, not robotic and creepy – and if you’re randomly grinning from ear-to-ear, you’re going to look a little bit weird.

3. Get the heck out of your own head!

Do you know what the biggest confidence barrier is? YOU!

You need to learn to tell that little (loud) voice in your head to just p*ss off and leave you alone!

Firstly, STOP imagining all the terrible things people are thinking about you… They REALLY aren’t (do you judge other people as harshly as you think they judge you)?

Secondly, take a second to actually consider the situation - is it really as bad as you think? In an interview, the worst case scenario is that you don’t get the job and then you’ll probably never see your interviewer again anyway – so who cares?

All easier said than done, I know.

But using your power poses and that big fat SMILE, will hopefully help you to hide those feelings of fear AND before you know it, that “faking” will become real, genuine confidence.

To find out more about ignoring that inner voice, check out Linchpin by Seth Godin - really interesting and inspirational.

Practice Makes Perfect.

The more you practice this confidence, the more you'll begin to naturally be more confident - honestly, it does work!

Recruiter Pro Tip. Alternatively, you could always go down the self-help route, with books like…
... OR check out our fellow blogger Dorothy Tannahill-Moran who posts some great advice "for the ambitious introvert.”

If you’d like more guidance on job-seeking, interviewing or flourishing in your current career, feel free to sign up to this blog HERE.

I really hope this post helped!

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