5 Exercises You Can (Secretly) Do At Work.

Too busy to do any exercise? We know; after a long day at work, it can be (really) hard to get motivated! But this blog, revealing 5 office-friendly exercises, should help you with that!

June 20, 2023

After a long day at work, it can be really tough to muster up the energy to go to the gym, get out for a run, attend an exercise class etc.

There are just so many more fun things we could be doing (like catching up on The Walking Dead!)

But what if you could have your cake and eat it? (Metaphorically, no real cakes involved I’m afraid!)

What if you could get your daily job and exercise done at the same time, leaving you free to do whatever you like every evening? Now you can!

Behold the 5 best exercises you could (secretly) be doing at your desk at work…

(There's actually something called "deskercise" too...)

1. Leg Lifts.

Sit up straight (at your desk).

Simply lift your legs so that they are in line with your hips and hold them there for a few seconds.

Then lower them and repeat. And so on.

For an easier ‘workout’ just lift one leg at a time.

For a more difficult ‘workout’ don’t let your feet touch the ground between lifts (instead lower them to just above the floor).

For more info and advice, click here!

2. Bum clenches.

These are pretty self-explanatory.

Sit up straight (at your desk).

Clench your bum, hold for a few seconds and release. Then repeat and so on.

This will (apparently) help to strengthen your “gluteus maximus” (what a name) – the biggest muscle in your bottom.

Now, I have seen warnings that ‘bum clenches’ aren’t the most subtle of exercises, but I beg to differ! I’ve been sat here for 10 minutes trying them out and no one’s stopped me yet…

(You can perform a similar type of exercise to work your abs…)

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3. Thigh Squeezes.

Sit up straight (at your desk).

Place a ream of printer paper (or similar) between your legs.

Squeeze your knees and legs together and hold for up to a minute (do what you can) – you should start to feel your inner thighs working.

This hurts a heck of a lot more than you would think!

Click here to read more.

4. The Bicep-Boosting “Handshake”

Sit up straight (at your desk).

Hold your hands together in front of you – like you’re giving yourself an odd kind of upside down handshake (one thumb will be pointing to the floor, the other will be pointing to the ceiling.)

Then pull your hands outward, causing as much tension as possible (without hurting yourself) and hold for up to a minute (do what you can).

You should feel your bicep muscles working.

Obviously, this one is more difficult (and less discreet) if you need to type or work with your hands, but if you’ve got something to read or watch online, then you should be able to multitask!

Click here to find out more!

5. Secret Squatting.

I love this one.

As you find yourself walking around your office (and even town) during a normal working day, you’ll have so many opportunities to do some squats!

  • As you get up, do it slowly, working your way through a squat position.
  • As you sit down, don’t flop, do it slowly, working your way through a squat position.
  • Waiting for the printer? Squat.
  • Queuing to get your lunch? Squat.
  • If you drop something on the floor? Squat.

Warning: if you get caught, you may look a little strange.

Ready to get fit..?

Obviously all of these exercises are a bit of fun, but they do work - why not get your work friends involved?

And remember, to boost your healthy new lifestyle - you'll have to eat well too! Click here to check out 42 great (healthy) snacks you could be taking into the office!

Recruiter Pro Tip. Exercise is really great for productivity, as well as, your wellbeing and happiness. Of course, you could always just…
  • Ditch the lift and take the stairs.
  • Stop slouching (great for posture, back and stomach muscles).
  • Stand up (proven to keep you productive and help with obesity).
…but that’s just not as fun, is it?

And of course, you could just be shameless and go all out with your office exercises (click here for some examples) but you are likely to distract, irritate and confuse people!

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Good luck getting fit!

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