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CV Assessment Checklist: 25 Things You Should Be Checking

Let’s be honest, CV assessment is the most mind-numbing part of the recruitment process.

Trawling through CV after CV after CV (after CV) you’re bound to get bored, you’ll probably start skim-reading and you could even end up missing some of the important information.

So what if you could speed up that process, getting through more CVs quicker – and ensure that you don’t miss a thing?

Hopefully, this (printable) CV Assessment Checklist will help you to do just that!

25 Things You Should Be Checking When Assessing CVs Checklist

What next?

It’s up to you to work out how many ticks it takes to spot a great candidate.

You could set a threshold, so “any candidates who score 10 and above will be interviewed” or you could decide that only your top 5 – 10 scorers make the cut.

Obviously, this isn’t a foolproof method (no recruiting method is) but it is a great way to structure your CV assessment – and once you get the hang of it, it should only really take you about 2 minutes to complete your checklist.


Hope you found our checklist useful.

If you click on the checklist, you’ll be able to print off a copy for your future reference!

The 3 main questions you should consider, whilst assessing CVs are…

• Have they made an effort to personalise their CV and cover letter?
• Does anything seem suspect? Could they be lying?
• Do you get a good feeling about them?

If there is anything you aren’t sure about then make sure you ask targeted questions during your interview – or if you’d prefer to find out sooner, do a telephone interview.

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Good luck!

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