10 Huge Mistakes Interviewers Make

10 Huge Mistakes Interviewers Make [SlideShare]

10 Huge Mistakes Interviewers Make

As you can imagine, at Coburg Banks, we spend a lot of time advising our candidates about how to do well in job interviews.

But they’re not the only ones who need a little bit of advice from time-to-time.

Interviewers too are on trial during the recruitment process.

And if they mess it up – it could really negatively affect their employer brand!

So this week I’ve created a SlideShare about the 12 most common mistakes interviewers make – to give interviewers a helping hand.


It is really (really) important that you behave appropriately in an interview.

So, remember these key rules of interview etiquette…

• Be prepared.
• Be (or act) confident.
• Be (or act) interested.
• Never, ever ask inappropriate questions.
• Let your candidate speak!
• But don’t just sit silently.
• Don’t ask unfair questions.
• Your interviewer is NOT your best friend. Be professional.
• Don’t lie.
Don’t give in to bias.

And you should also stop asking pointless questions too (click here to read some of those).

If you stick to all of the above, you’re interviewee is bound to feel more comfortable and will go away feeling positive about the opportunity.

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Good luck!

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Vikas Prakash
1 year ago

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