How to Attract International Candidates With Brexit on the Horizon

How to Attract International Candidates With Brexit on the Horizon


Granted, it’s not the most exciting subject to cover, but it sure is important for a lot of businesses.

In particular, British based companies who need to employ international candidates.

According to research, 49% of students at EDHEC Business School’s NewGen Talent Centre said that they’re less likely to seek or accept a position in the UK following Brexit.

This is a startling revelation to any business who relies on international professionals to operate on a daily basis.

If you fall under this category, it’s essential to start planning for the future now. Sure, the outcome of Brexit might remain a mystery, but can you really afford to strap yourself in and wait to see what happens?

Here are a few top tips on how to keep international employees interested in your company in the wake of Britain’s looming departure.

Promote the UK as an employment destination

London used to be at the forefront of business in the UK and always proved a popular destination for high-flying international employees.

However, in recent years, Dublin, Amsterdam and Berlin have all started to emerge as viable alternatives.

As a company, you need to step up your recruitment marketing game to keep your place of employment looking forward-thinking, innovative and a fun environment to work in.

This can include:

– publishing regular posts on social media showcasing activities and charity days

– creating recruitment videos

– developing a graduate and internship scheme for international employees.

Be honest

Do you believe that Brexit will make your business’ future in the UK uncertain? Then don’t hide the matter.

International employees are willing to move here, but only if they have a rough idea of what to expect in the wake of Britain’s exit.

Be honest and let them know that their job might have to be moved back abroad under particular circumstances. As long as they know, there’s a great probability that they’ll be willing to roll with the punches and remain loyal.

Outsource from non-EU countries

There is another solution if you want to broaden your talent search – and that’s outsourcing from non-EU countries.

The world is rich with talent and will remain accessible, depending on local labour laws and specific visas.

Improve relationships with the global education sector

Before any radical changes come into play, you should start attending on-campus recruiting events around Europe if feasible.

Having a presence can help spread the word and enable you to make key relationships with potential international talent.

If you want to go one step further, try hosting virtual information sessions and paid visits to your UK offices.

While these solutions may cost your business in the short-term, it will certainly benefit you in the long-run.

Create an attractive package

If offering a bigger salary to compensate for the pending complications of moving them to the UK isn’t achievable, think about the overall relocation package.

Including flexibility in working hours, attractive benefits and paid or subsidised accommodation could help persuade international professionals to take the opportunity with your business.

Develop a diverse culture

Emerging businesses in Dublin, Amsterdam and Berlin are embracing the diversity of cultures and creating a welcoming, collaborative environment for their workers.

Not only are their values based on strong team-spirit, but the look and feel of many offices are vibrant and innovative.

As a UK business, you need to demonstrate that you have the same kind of philosophy.

You can start by highlighting this in social media posts and recruitment videos .  

Next, think about how you communicate and involve the team.

Give every employee equal rights and encourage them to share their different opinions.

For more tips, check out our previous blog: ‘5 Ways to Build a Winning Company Culture’.

Don’t discard UK workers

While this point may not cover international employees per se, it is something worth considering.

Working with a recruitment agency like us can give you access to a wealth of market-leading knowledge and a talent pool filled with highly-qualified professionals right here in the UK.

You should also think about investing in training solutions to upskill certain current employees.

One of the most cost-effective ways to plug a skills shortage gap is to look within your company itself.

For instance, if you have a need for a customer service adviser who can speak a certain language, you could always hire a professional to work with a current employee with a moderate grasp until they are fluent.

Or in a more generic sense, you could simply get an employee to shadow an experienced one so that they can learn as they go.   

Final thoughts

The future might be uncertain, however, your business needs to move now if you want to continue tapping into the vast amount of talent in the European Union.

Building up a talent pool by implementing a robust recruitment marketing strategy may seem like a pain in the backside, but if you don’t try, your business could face some serious issues further down the line.

Although, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t pin all your hopes on international talent alone.

Alongside these changes, think proactively about how you can introduce training to successfully upskill current employees and expand your UK-based talent pool using a recruitment agency like us.

You can discover more tips on how to attract applicants here.

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