10 Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies

Ever wondered why you don’t get a call for that job you saw advertised with the recruitment agency…even though your career history makes you a perfect fit for the role?

Take a look at our 10 top tips on how to get noticed by recruitment agencies and the pitfalls to avoid!

1. Timing, timing, timing.

Respond quickly to an agency’s telephone call or email!  Time is of the essence as the agency may be competing to get their candidates (you) considered by the employer ahead of those of a rival agency’s

2. Blow your own trumpet.

Agencies like candidates who are looking for roles that are consistent with their previous work history and therefore easier to sell.  Make sure that your CV sells you as an obvious choice for your target roles.  One way to get round this is to tailor your CV to the role you’re applying for.

3. Careful of the career change.

If you are looking for a career change, then unless you can persuade them that you are a better candidate than the more obvious candidates, they are unlikely to put you forward as other candidates with more direct, relevant experience have a higher likelihood of securing the agency their fee.

4. Make your application stand out.

Agencies receive so many bland looking CVs that are poorly structured and presented that after a while they merge into one.  Ensure that your CV is as attractive as possible so the agency will select you above the competition.

5. Answer the question.

When applying on-line to an agency for a particular role, ensure that covering letter specifically addresses the points raised in the job advert.  Treat the advert like an exam question at school:  address each of the requirements in turn and answer how you could handle every facet of the role.

6. If a job advert sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Don’t be surprised if you are told that this job has been filled only to see it resurface at a later date.  Even though it is against the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) code of practice, agencies use fake jobs as a way to attract good candidates for potential vacancies in the future.

7. Don’t spend money!

You should never have to part with any money to a recruitment agency.  It is unlawful for anyone to charge you a fee or commission to get you a job.  The only exception is in the entertainment and modelling sector where they will actively promote you.

8. Find the roles you want

Sounds obvious, but only apply for roles that you really want.  While the recruitment agent may be very persuasive, do not be pressured into considering a role that isn’t right for you.  It is a waste of time for everyone concerned if you are put forward for a role that you never have any intention of accepting.

9. Honesty pays

Be honest and make sure grades, employment dates etc. are accurate in your CV. Inconsistencies that are picked up by an employer will reflect badly on the agency and they may lose trust in putting you forward for future vacancies.

10. £100,000 basic salary anyone???

Think beforehand about your salary requirements and check with the agency that these are realistic, they will have a good handle on market rates.

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Aiden Adey
3 years ago

Really Awesome TIPS. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Michelle Catapang
3 years ago

Thank you for these tips! Will surely take note of this for it can be used for future reference.