11 Ways to Make Work More Fun (But Still Get the Job Done)

11 Ways to Make Work More Fun (But Still Get the Job Done)

We can’t all love our jobs… that’s a little bit unrealistic.11 Ways to Make Work More Fun (But Still Get the Job Done)

But we should make an effort to be happy and enjoy parts of our working life. I mean, we do spend all day, every day there!

Can’t imagine having fun at work, but still managing to get the job done?

Try these great tactics.

1. Play music.

Pop your earphones in and listen to your favourite tracks (if you’re allowed).

Music can distract us from getting bored, cheer us up and make us more proactive.

Seriously – check out this blog post – it’s been scientifically proven!

2. Make your work a competition.

Adding a little bit of competition in the workplace is bound to spur you on.

Challenge a team member or yourself, to get something done faster or better and then reward yourself if you win.

Rewards can be anything from a little break to a chocolate bar!

Obviously don’t go overboard with your competitiveness.

That can breed hostility and therefore unhappiness.

Keep things light and friendly!

3. Just dive in.

Do you get that Sunday night doom?

Most of our feelings of dread disappear once we actually become immersed in a project.

So, instead of worrying and worrying about something, get stuck in!

It’s hardly ever as bad as you might think.

4. Make friends.

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t think it is worth making friends at work?


There are a number of reasons why it’s uber-important to have friends at work (find out what they are here).

But most obviously, it will make you happier!

5. Take breaks.

Don’t allow fatigue to rob you of any joy that comes from doing good, honest work.

Stop occasionally and stretch or walk around.

Return to the job whenever you feel refreshed.

Taking breaks has been proven to improve happiness and proactivity.

6. Break the job down into more manageable tasks.

Big jobs can overwhelm and demoralise us.

By breaking them down into several smaller jobs, you can…

  • Ease the pressure a little bit.
  • Enjoy crossing off more tasks, regularly (it’s a great feeling, to complete something).
  • Feel like you’re accomplishing more.

It seems simple, but it’s a great little psychological trick to make you feel productive.

7. Do quality work.

Sloppy work feeds no one’s ego.

There are psychological rewards to knowing you’ve got a job done, well.

This gives you the opportunity to step back and admire your work, feeling proud and happy.

I know I felt great the other day looking at my organised garage (slightly late spring cleaning)!

8. Change your environment.

Are you able to work outside? Or hot desk?

Could you decorate your desk a bit more?

Having a bit of a change of scenery will keep boredom at bay.

It subconsciously gives your brain something new to absorb and enjoy.

Check out this blog, to find out more:

5 Changes to Your Environment that Can Make You More Productive.

9. Smile

Did you know that the very act of smiling could trick your body into thinking you’re genuinely happy?

(Seriously, it’s been proven.)

Try it?!

Fake a smile and see if your mood improves.

10. Make other people happy.

If you help others, they will help you.

Think of ways to make people happy and ways to put a smile on their face.

11. Compliments

In the same vein, you should complement other people in your office.

It’s a great feeling, making other people smile and what goes around comes around!!!*

*Don’t go too wild with this one… you don’t want to come across like a suck up.


These tips are all really easy but they could really help to make work more fun.

The important thing to remember is that we only get one life – and you have to spend an awful lot of time at work, so it’s really important to enjoy what you do!

Recruiter Pro Tip

If you find that the “Sunday doom” is more like a “Monday-Friday + Sunday” doom, then it may be time to look for a new job!

Here are some resources to help:

Life’s too short to hate your job!

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Good luck.

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