3 Killer Interview Tips to Help You Raise Your Game [VIDEO]

3 Killer Interview Tips to Help You Raise Your Game [VIDEO]

spongebob square pants looking nervous - gifLets be honest; interviews suck!

Whether applying for a managerial, entry-level or part-time position, having just one measly hour to sell yourself to a complete stranger, whilst your nerves try to betray you, is no mean feat.

And there’s nothing worse than spending time, effort and money getting to the interview and then ruining it all for some silly, avoidable reason.

Having some experience in the area (we’ve interviewed a fair few candidates over the years – shock) myself and Charles (legendary head of our specialist IT division) have put together 2 quick and easy videos to help you prepare for your next interview.

Behold, 3 killer interview tips, guaranteed to raise your game (and help you to get the job of your dreams)!

Video 1

Key Takeaways.

Recruiter Pro Tip 1: Look The Part.

  • You have seconds to make a good impression, so you better dress to impress.
  • You’ll look smartest in a dark, plain suit with a white shirt (men should ALWAYS wear a tie.)
  • Don’t forget your shoes; make sure they’re clean and polished.
  • Carry any documentation, example pieces of work and notes in a neat folder; piles of scrap paper will ruin your entire, professional and organised look!
  • This is standard etiquette for 99% of interviews (whether the company have a casual office wear policy or not). It’s better to be too smart, than too casual.

Video 2

Key Takeaways.

Recruiter Pro Tip 2: Research, Research, Research.

  • If you don’t do your research, you’re simply wasting your interviewer’s time (and despite anything else, you need to know whether YOU want the job anyway!)
  • Always, at the very least, check out the company website.
  • Also have a read of company blogs, social media sites, any marketing.
  • Don’t forget to research who their competitors are (hiring managers often ask about this during interviews).

Recruiter Pro Tip 3: Confidence is Key.

  • The most important thing is not to PANIC!
  • Take a deep breath and remember, it will all be over soon.
  • Smile like you mean it! You’ll ooze confidence and kindness!
  • Engage them in small talk as soon as you walk in the room – compliment the office, mention the weather, talk about the traffic…
  • Always keep eye contact (but not for a scary amount of time – we recommend holding someone’s gaze for a couple of seconds longer than you’re comfortable with).
  • Don’t waffle – you’ll come across unsure and nervous.
  • Really watch your body language. You want to appear confident, relaxed and passionate.

Bonus Recruiter Pro Tips: 

  • If your phone rings, you’re probably going to panic – why risk it… switch it off! (Click here to discover more, bizarre ways people manage to ruin their own interviews).
  • If they offer you a drink, it’s not a trick! If you’re thirsty ask for some water.
  • Best not go for tea or coffee though. Not only is it a hassle, but it’ll probably just get you all hot and bothered.
  • Never badmouth your current company.
  • Don’t tell too many jokes.
  • Don’t even think about lying on the psychometric test (they will find out.)


The most important thing to remember? Always be closing.

Make sure that you end on a fantastic note, so that your interviewer remembers you as a leader in the pack!

A great way to seal the deal is to come prepared with your own set of impressive questions like, ‘have you got any reservations about me?’

This will not only show that you’re really keen, but also give you an opportunity to address any issues or doubts they may have.

Good luck.

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